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Welcome Aboard Party

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Sweetpea29488, May 12, 2003.

  1. O.K. We've been on two other cruises both on Carnival. I've read about a Welcome aboard party and dh sort of remembers it but I don't. This is a question for all of you that have recently sailed. (It's been about 7 years since our last one) Is there such a thing as a Welcome aboard party and if so when is it, where is it, and what is it?:grin
  2. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    Unless you arrange for a party among friends the closest thing to a party is the "Sail-a-Way Party". It is usually held around the pool or fan-tail. Most ships have a small band playing Caribbean or boat songs. Great chance to taste your first Foo-Foo drink.

    Usually later that evening there is a "Singles Meet & Greet Party".
  3. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest

    Oh if you miss the party because you are at the life boat drill having trouble getting your life vest off

    CAN YOU BRING YOUR OWN Soda drinks like pepsi or diet sprite on BOARD .. I mean like sodas and stuff and what is the best way to do this ?
    Should you put them in your suitcase you carry on board or put them in your luggage delievered to your room ?
  4. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    I always put the soda & beer in my checked luggage.... That-a-way I don't have to carry the heavy stuff a long distance, and sometimes it is a very long walk through the security gates, ticket pick up, and walk to the gang-plank, and then to your cabin.

    Just take your life vest to the "Sail-A-Way Party"...... You might need it if the "Carnival- Man Overboard Terrorist"{serial killer} strikes early ~~!!~~ :lol :lol :lol

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  5. anna

    anna Guest

    I got off the Legend today so my mind is fresh. It was a sail away party on the Lido deck, band playing as we sailed. The life boat drill was done prior to sailing which I liked.
  6. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest

    Hey great .

    Ill wear the lifesavor vest to the cruise party then .. that is such a great fashion idea too

    I bet it goes with everything ..

    and with that cereal killer on board, hey IM TAKING IT EVERYWHERE And Ill take my canned goods then in the luggage that goes thru the scanner hoping it dont pop a lid ..
    and get all over everything .
  7. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    As mentioned, the Sail Away if during the daylight hours is usually celebrated on the Lido deck with Caribbean music playing. However, many of us cruise forum participants have organized our own Meet and Greet parties which could coincide with the sail away time. Usually you meet at a bar outside, so people can purchase a drink if they desire and experience the sail away plus meet some great new people that they may have talked to on line. Of course the Captain's Welcome Aboard party is usually held on the first formal night and drinks and munchies may be offered. On the Legend, this was held in the Follies Theatre but the Pride had it in many different spots, lounges and theatre public areas with wonderful hot h'ouevres. No matter when or where, take part in as many things as your like.
    Bon Voyage
  8. pmc7704

    pmc7704 Guest

    Hey, as long as I'm on the ship, IT"S A PARTY !!!!
  9. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest


    Are you going to be on the ship ? or at the lifesavor drill .. We need to make a real party of this event and IM looking for ideas to make a party of it but they wont even let us blow the whistles
    and then you have to wait for all the ADULTS TO QUIT TALKING ..
  10. RogerD

    RogerD Guest

    WOW Sara Lee.

    This lifeboat drill really seems to have you upset! How can the rest of us help you through this? I don't like it either because it takes precious time out of a trip where every minute counts but it can have amusing side angles. Our family of 4 were in Nassau and my wife, daughter and me hit the town while my then 13 year old son decided to stay on board and sleep off his night in the teen center. Well, as it turned out that was the day that the crew had it's weekly practice drill. All the ships bells, whistles and alarms went off and when we got back to the ship later in the day the crew was laughing about this one 13 year old idiot standing out by his designated lifeboat half asleep wearing his life vest.


    Thanks again Sara Lee for getting me on this board with all its fine entertainment. :)
  11. becki_dakan

    becki_dakan Guest

    The entire cruise is a Welcome Aboard Party.

    And don't worry too much about the muster drill. My friend and I sailed on the Fascination last year and were very concerned that this would cut into our partying time. It takes 30 - 45 minutes - and it is important - just in case. DON'T take your vest with you to any party though - its HUGE and extremly cumbersome. It'll only take you about 10 minutes or so to grab it from your room. Trust me, you'll have plenty of time.
  12. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest

    Yeah it must be a paranoia suffered from deep somewhere in the recesses of my childhood... I think I ll call DR PHIL

    To see why im having such a problem dealing with rules and practices of safety

    and eat the mustard ...
  13. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    RogerD ......ROTFLMAO ~~!!~~ :lol I would love to have had my camera. One person at the life boat station :lol :lol :lol That had to be a sight to see !!
  14. YoRay

    YoRay Guest

    Yo! Sara Lee,

    So far.....Joebat's the only one I know of who wore his lifjacket to dinner on formal night.

    ( "hey!...they said jacket & tie!" )


    Post Edited (05-18-03 00:10)
  15. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    BUT Yoray....... LILI was a category 4 hurricane with 135 MPH winds when she caught us. The ship was listing at about 35 degrees, and the waves completely covered our cabin windows!!!!!

    Even the Capitan was sea sick for the first time in his career ~~!!~~

    I KNEW what jacket they were talking about !! :lol :lol :lol No village idiot here-detail NOT needed !! I was prepared......
  16. Shangrilq

    Shangrilq Guest

    "So far.....Joebat's the only one I know of who wore his lifjacket to dinner on formal night."

    Joebat wore his lifejacket quit a bit the last night but I don't blame him as the ship was really rocking and rolling. Since I could NOT stand up at all without holding on to those poles,(no drinking, I had one glass of wine because Joebat1 made me do that,he tried to convince me I would be better off if I drank quite a bit and then I would know which direction to lean?? LOL!)I knew the only safe place for me was in the bed so that is where I went after the show!
  17. Dan40

    Dan40 Guest

    With your great love of the lifeboat drill, you're gonna love this even more.....There is no smoking or drinking of anything during lifeboat drill.

    If you want to wear your lifejacket to the sail away party, it goes best with.....HEATSTROKE.

    And don't blow the whistle.
  18. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Guest

    I never thought of that .. the lifesavor jacket as a jacket for dinner .. Now if I dress my husband in the life jacket and say HONEY this looks so good with that tie and those pants and ANYONE says anything .. Im going to say
  19. GeoCashMon

    GeoCashMon New Member

    First off I'm a big DCL (Disney cruise line :doubleup:) guy and they always have a big dance :boogie: party with charecters and the cruise staff and then we actually countdown to the moment the boat takes off it is really cool. But when I went on carnival and they said there was a Welcome Aboard Party my family went up there and waited, and waite, and waited. Nothing happened except a waitor going around handing out alchloic dirnks and a little carriban music playing in th background. Lets just say I was not impresses.
    On a different note, why is everyone talking about the lifeboat drill? You go to your cabin they explain everything. You put on your lifevest in your cabin the alarm goes off and then you go to the station. Then you only stay there for like 10 minutes. It's no big deal. And those people who sy it cuts into there party time are wrong. you are required to do it, so the cruise lines shut everything (the bars, clubs, ECT) down,
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  20. Cruizer

    Cruizer Well-Known Member

    Do you realize you posted on a thread that has been inactive for over eight years?

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