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Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by John., Jul 30, 2002.

  1. John.

    John. Guest

    Its Ok Mon! You've got a place to talk about all Da' Islands of the Caribbean here!
  2. Jim_Dude

    Jim_Dude Guest

    Thank you for the new set up John... this will make thinsg alot easier to scope out... Jim
  3. John

    John Guest

    Hi Jim, Glad you enjoy the new setup. We wanted to offer some new options.
  4. Christy L

    Christy L Guest

    Thanks John!!!! :)
  5. Tom & Mary

    Tom & Mary Guest

    This is part of our review of our recent cruise to the Western Caribbean which we will be posting in the next few days. It's our description of the port of Costa Maya. We hadn't been able to find out much about this Port before we sailed and the few comments we did read were pretty much on the negative side. We hope you enjoy reading it.

    ***Costa Maya Could Become the Gem of the Western Caribbean:

    We were amazed at what the business people of costa Maya have accomplished in building such a magnificent dockside complex. If you aren't interested in going into town or booking an excursion and instead enjoy swimming in a luxurious pool, you must visit Costa Maya. The dockside complex consists of a perimeter of very attractive stores and an amphitheater on three sides, surrounding one of the most beautiful pools we have seen. The pool is a free form design and it is immense. It is the same depth of 4ft6 for the entire pool. The servers are dressed in very colorful attire and come pool side to serve you drinks. The amphitheater is just a short distance from the pool. You can watch the shows and take a dip during intermissions. They have continuos' shows from mid morning until mid afternoon. They performed a number of Mexican folk dances with many costume changes. Each of the shows was very professional and the costumes were beautiful. We really enjoyed the shows. We took another swim before we had lunch in a restaurant near the pool. Next to the pool was a large indoor-outdoor restaurant with a beautiful thatched roof. During lunch we were serenaded by a male vocalist who sang some of the great old ballads. He had a real good voice and we found the lunch to be delightful. The open-ended side of the pool faces the ocean. They also have a salt water pool that you can join in a continuos Volley Ball game. Within fifteen feet of the pool is a beach area with thatched huts shading the lounge chairs underneath.

    We have often used the beautiful and extensive pool at the Jamaica Grande, in Jamaica. It is our opinion it pales in comparison to the Costa Maya complex. Costa Maya is without a doubt our new favorite port in the Western Caribbean.

    If any of you who are reading this stop at Costa Maya, we would like to hear from you and see if you agree with our opinion.

    Warm Regards,
    Tom & Mary
  6. JeffStern

    JeffStern Guest

    Irie, Cap'n John....
  7. jim_dude

    jim_dude Guest

    I am confused about the Tom and Mary post... did they cruise to this place or stay at the hotel there??
  8. Cindy

    Cindy Guest

    This is a terrific idea, John. These various categories will be helpful.
  9. Raven

    Raven Guest

    Jim Dude, I'm sure they (Tom & Mary) cruised to Costa Maya. There are no hotels at the port itself, and Majahual had only one hotel that I could spot. Until recently all electricity for the area was from gas powered generators. In the distance to the west you could see the power line pylons that were erected to bring electricity into the region.
  10. Sidetracker

    Sidetracker Guest

    Love the new format :) Helps those of us that are not organized :grin Thanks ;)
  11. patty

    patty Guest

    john you did a great job keep up the good work, being i was gone for a week i have figure out the new format :)
  12. Tom & Mary

    Tom & Mary Guest

    This was one of our ports on a recent RC 'Enchantment of the Seas' cruise.

    Tom & Mary

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