Welcome to our NEW Home- Official ROLL Call!! Are you with me?


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If you didn't know Cruise Addicts started way back in July of 1999. Since then we have had allot of people come through our doors and called this place home. Our members have become great friends, husband and wife and much more. Some of our greatest contributors have passed on, but will never be forgotten.

Some of you may only see different shades of color on this page and some new features. I see a new beginning to a once flourishing community. I hope you, like me take this opportunity to come out of the shadow's and become a member, or re-establish your existing account.

I made a promise to do my part many years and protect our home and keep it established. As you can see, I have done my part and I hope it speaks volumes for the loyalty and trust I have in our community.

So please JOIN me and the other's here and take part. Make a POST, Post a PHOTO, Tell a FRIEND about what we have here. You can make our community better and brighter by taking an active roll.

My NAME is John and I'm a Cruise Addict! I have been on well over 25 different Cruises all over the World. I would love to help answer any of your questions. If I don't know the answer, I will find someone who does.

How about you? Are you with me?
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Hi. I'm KathyC from NW Illinois right on the banks of the mighty Mississippi. Took my 1st cruise in 2000. Unfortunately these past few years we haven't been able to cruise that much. However, after
settling into our new home this year perhaps we will squeeze in 1 more cruise next year. My dream is to take the grandkids on a cruise.


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Texas Sue from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Been around awhile and would be majorly lost without this site. Just returned from a mini meet in Branson where I got to meet some of the wonderful people on this site for the first time.


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Just me...........
well to get the important stuff out of the way, Sheryl and I have been on only 29 cruises since we started cruising in 1991, finally getting to cruise again after a hiatus due to an ailing pet that was way more important to us. None the less we are working on getting back into the groove. Upcoming cruise in Novemeber, just a short local to Mexico, probably won't even get off the ship.

During the summer we do what we like second best "Camp", we co-host in an RV park in Northern California and it usually consumes the bulk of my time as I am responsible for most of the maintenance so it doesn't allow me to spend much time on the forums and that time is spent invested in making sure that our members are able to enjoy an enjoyable environment to follow their passion for cruising.

For those of you that have hung in there over the years, you are the backbone, we thank you for your dedication and commitment. For those of you that have strayed from the flock, we miss you, we miss you sharing your experiences and your company, don't make us send out the sheep dogs..........
For those of you just joining us, we are family, if you become a part of that family, you become family, if you are just passing through, well, glad you did, and you are always welcome anytime, we'll leave the light on for you,
hope you come back soon...


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Good Morning:

I'm Pootersdad from southwest Ohio
. I've been reading and posting on this site for a few years now. Like the new format! Even though we've been on 50+ cruises, we still learn something from the various posts on Cruise-Addicts.

Krazy Kruizers

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Good Morning

I am Yonnie -- Krazy Kruizers -- from southwestern, PA. Started out years ago here. Stopped counting cruises after we hit 140 a few years ago. You could say that we are "addicted" to cruising.

Donna - dsw

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Good Morning Everyone! Nice to see so many posting again! I have been here almost day 1 - lol think I got in on the fir4st week! lol

We just got back from a meet in Branson MO to celebrate Maw's 80th Birthday! We sure had a good time.

I have been on 17 cruises I think - I love them but my hubby is not real fond of big crowds or cruising. He gets bored at almost anything after 3 or 4 days in a row. I guess I am lu7cky we have been together 22 years! lol

So I try to get at least 1 a year. My next up is the NCL Escape in January 16, 2016.

Hope you all keep posting and have a great day

connie seabee

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Hello! I'm Connie known as Connie Seabee on the board. I came here in 2000 and been here ever since. I have met many wonderful cruisers from Cruise Addicts and hope to met more in the future.

We have been on 14 cruises and enjoyed each and everyone. My hubby loves cruising and not having to drive. lol

We don't have any cruises on the books at this time. We also go on mini land vacations with the family.

John, I really like the new format.

Cruise cutie

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Good AM gang..been here since 2004..met many of you on cruises..miss you like mad..would be wonderful to connect again soon, we have done 27 cruises since 1994..and leave in 9 days for a Retirement Celbration cruise for my DH Mark-AKA Cruise Hubby..it's his Bucket list one..28 days LAX to Tahiti, Hawaii, Bora Bora and back to LAX..:).
we live in Central VT..I am a nurse and work bonkers hours..we take 10 weeks a year to travel..grateful to have Cruise @ddicts to come "home to"..back again soon..XXOO


Good morning I'm Maw (Marilyn) have just celebrated 80th Birthday with friends addicts in Branson. Get together any time you can with addicts. Not able to cruise anymore but have made some wonderful memories with this grou


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Denise aka "nieciez" reporting aboard as ordered sir. Hail from central VA in the heart of the Wilderness Battlefield area. I am a cruise addict!


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I'm still hanging around, too! I mostly spend my time on Facebook now. Captain John .... I have a question. In my PROFILE, the date I joined is showing Aug 6, 2004 ... huh??? I joined in late 1999. I just checked Nieciez's profile .... so I guess that is what all of originals are showing. I have a vague memory now of that happening after a MAJOR reset. John, the new, fresh site looks TERRIFIC! I will try to be more active. We have been in drydock for quite a while for various reasons .... all involving $ and other obligations.

Now, about me.....Pat is my name, though I am known here as Mgram - short for Mgram2aboy. That boy is now almost 17 and 6'3" ... he can rest his chin on my head. Some of my most cherished friendships began here on C@s and continue today ... we are The Phabulous Phlamingo Phlock, aka Phlock for short. Some of our group have a cruise booked on the Carnival Pride in January, 2017. This is just one of many that the Phlock or portions thereof have done over the years. DH, Don and I have been on 40+ cruises around the world. We live in SW FL ... having moved an hour further south almost 2 yrs. ago. WOW, was THAT $$$ because our old house took a year to sell.

Happy Cruising everyone!!!


I'm on Island Time
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Hi Mgram, Great to see you. In the early days the software didn't keep track of things like modern forums do. We kinda resisted mandating users creating an account for a long time. So this why all of the join dates go back to 2004 or so. We have posts going back to i think 2001 though. Pretty amazing how time flies.

I am so happy to see you like our new software!


I'm on Island Time
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Good morning I'm Maw (Marilyn) have just celebrated 80th Birthday with friends addicts in Branson. Get together any time you can with addicts. Not able to cruise anymore but have made some wonderful memories with this grou
Hi Maw, Great to see you posting here.

Keith & Rita

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Hello to all! It's been a while since we visited. We are still into cruises big time. We are both past retirement age and Rita did retire in 2007. I'm still working in our family mfg business which managed to survive the war on small mfg businesses. Our Next cruise is a B2B on the Carnival Sunshine for New Year. We would love to be on a ship now however at our ages we don't need time to fly by any faster than it has been!
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Hi guys, Virginia from S. Ca here, been on 25 cruises, most recent to Alaska an I wanna go back. Haven't yet met any of you guys on a cruise, but still lookin to. Been to the Caribbean, Mexico, Pacific coastal, Canada New England. Favorite cruise line is Rcl.