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Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by John., Jul 30, 2002.

  1. testman

    testman Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Thank you. Its appreciated. :)
  2. Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Wowee!!! Talk about a quick fix!!!
  3. Vince

    Vince Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    You won me back John!

    I left to cruise critic because there were just too many off topic post and very little cruise talk.
    Now let's start talking CRUISING.
  4. Jim B

    Jim B Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    I am a veteran to RCI.....(its the only line i will cruise as well as SISTER LINES) but......... im curious as to the "outside" shore excursions....how safe are they....I am frightened to death of getting ripped of or something bad happenning but every one raves about PEAT TAYLOR in Jamiaca and Captain marvin in Grand CAyman.... i just am unsure about booking anything tha isn't "WITH" the ship...any thoughts
  5. Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Jim, I have done both and had ABSOLUTELY no problems. Both excursions were wonderful and safe.
  6. Vince

    Vince Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean


    We were on Celebrity in Europe last month and did most of the tours with private drivers. Nobody could believe how much we did compared to their ship tours.
    We're going with Peat Taylor on our Voyager cruise on 8/25.
    As long as you do some research and get some references, private tours are the way to go.
    Just be sure to put a little cushion on your return to the ship. They won't wait for passengers on private tours.
  7. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Thanks, Stephanie
  8. Helen

    Helen Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    I, too love the new format. Thanks, John, you have done a wonderful job. Anyone else on the board going on the Dec. 23, 2002 Panama Canal on the Splendour? Helen
  9. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Thanks John! Great Job!!!
  10. CruzinJoan

    CruzinJoan Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Thanx, John. Got nervous yesterday when I saw all the other lines and no RCI.
  11. Pilgrim Pete

    Pilgrim Pete Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Well done John and thank you for your efforts !
  12. John

    John Guest

    Re: It's Caribbean...not Carribbean

    Glad to have a home for RCI, I'm a big fan myself. It truly made me an @ddict. I've sailed the Grandeur twice and Voyager once. I've also learned to look for private tours. One of my favorite things is to take the ferry over from St.Thomas to St.John and get a tour around the island, have lunch etc. I've also done the same "on your own" tours in just about all the other islands as well. I find it quick, easy and flexible... since if you want to see something you tell them. They have a usual list of all the "main" sights and they will tailor the tour be it a shared cab/van or private. Sometimes if you get a private one (alittle more) it can be worth it.. as you get treated like royalty and waited on while you shop etc. Very nice. You just need to tip well, as gas is not cheap and I think they low ball the price in hopes of a great tip. Otherwise, I can't see why they would offer this.

    Plan on the sights you want to see and get there early on your own and you'll be fine. Do tell the driver when you need to come back and make sure your watch is set to the ships time, etc.

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