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Western Caribbean in November

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by S. Drechsler, Sep 14, 2002.

  1. S. Drechsler

    S. Drechsler Guest

    We are planning a cruise to the Western Caribbean Nov. 9, however, we have since heard that it could be cloudy and rainy during that time. We could try and switch our trip to Dec. 8 instead. Has anybody cruised that area of the Caribbean in November before? What was the weather like for you? Recommendations?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    Last year at that time the weather was great.
  3. Natalia

    Natalia Guest

    I've cruised in mid November, and it was GREAT weather. Weather is one of those hit or miss things. At least you are out of the official hurricane season. Wishing you the best!
  4. CruiseDiva

    CruiseDiva Guest

    Cruised western Carib itinerary once in early December and weather was great with the exception of one day. On that day it rained buckets and we experienced very high seas. You just never can tell what Mother Nature will send your way.
  5. Rufus

    Rufus Guest

    We've cruised in November and it was great. The weather was beautiful and it was pretty well past the hurricane season. Like most things, there are not guarantees on the weather, but you can be guaranteed that no matter what, you;ll have a great time. Even if it does rain it usually only does it for a short while.

  6. Debbie Mumaw

    Debbie Mumaw Guest

    Just a side note, the hurricane season does not officially end until Nov. 30th. The height of the season however, is now. September seems to bring the majority of our storms. So, November should be great!
  7. Jlynd

    Jlynd Guest

    Did the Western Caribbean first week in November 5 years ago and it could not have been nicer!!
  8. S. Drechsler

    S. Drechsler Guest

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my message. You have helped a lot!
  9. We cruised Enchantment of the Seas November 5th 2000 on the Western run and loved it. On our way back we were sailing around cuba and that night at sunset, we were admiring the seas which were like glass.

    <img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/download.php/1,289680,4388/canada_gm_e0.gif> <img src=http://www.cruise-addicts.com/forums/download.php/1,296976,4550/shark.gif>

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