Western Caribbean Ports Help Please


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My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary in October on The Dream.

I really want this to be a wonderful trip and I need some help with what will be best at what port.

Our must do's are: visit ruins, snorkel.

We have our beach day planned at Isla Roatan, we have a cabana rented for the day through Carnival.

So that leaves: Cozumel, Belize and Costa Maya.

Which one of these 3 would be best for seeing the ruins and do you have any recommendations for the other 2?

Thanks for any help!



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Here are our favorites. This is a great itinerary. :doubleup:

Bannister Island, Reef Snorkeling and Manatee Watch in Belize...

We always use this company for snorkeling in Cozumel

We set up our snorkel in Roatan through this resort

We did the ruins the first time we were in Costa Maya. I wouldn't do it in Belize because the Bannister Island trip is awesome. There are some smaller ruins on Cozumel.


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Helllo, and welcome aboard...

For snorkeling i would suggest, Belize, cozumel, and roatan, with belieze and roatan being the best.

For ruins i would suggest not missing the ruins in Belize. you have several to choose from. there is Xuantunich, Lamanai, Altun Ha, and others. Lamanai and Xuantunich are the larger sites with more excavated buildings. There are some ruins in costa maya as well, but not sure which ones as i haven't been yet.

You may have a cabanna reserved for Isla Roatan, but the snorkeling there is almost as good as belize, the sad thing is, Belize is also your best stop for ruins... so i would do the ruins in Belize and the snorkeling in Roatan on this cruise and then maybe do the snorkeling in Belize on your next cruise. especially since there is no shortage of cruises to Belize....


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After 9 cruises I would have to pick cavetubing for Belize, Ruins for Costa Maya, Nachi Cocum for a leisure day or Chankanaab Park for a snorkeling day on Cozumel, and a snorkel tour with Upachaya on Roatan.


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the DH and I are also celebrating our anniversary in October on Radiance...
we will be stopping in Cozumel and Costa Maya...
I was looking to book excursions on my own...found a glass bottom boat and snorkel package that looks like fun in Cozumel...any one out there do that one?
Heard that reef near Costa Maya is better for snorkeling??? now I am confused? :huh:
Costa Maya plans are for "All inclusive beach break" but don't know...I would love to see some ruins...:camera:[As a kid I wanted to be Indiana Jones...] but the DH isn't that much into those things [until after he's done it...haha] would like to do a little of both...maybe morning tour of ruins then relax on beach with drink in hand??? Can that be possible?
any help is appreciated.


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I'm not certain, but it is my opinion that the reefs in Belieze and Roatan are unspoiled and more colorful than in Coz. I think, unfortunately for you, this is also subjective to personal opinion. I know Michael loves Belize for snorkeling, but i love belize more for the ruins. Probably because I haven't been to all of them yet. I'm sure after i have visited all of them i will return to the sea and again enjoy snorkeling in belize over the ruins... but until then i will stay land locked... Michael is right, the snorkeling in belize is beautiful, and will definitely not dissapoint. It all comes down to which you want to do more, snorkel or see ruins in belize, as they are both excellent. On that particular itinerary Belize is a tough call. There are some of the best Mayan ruins in Belize, But also the snorkeling is probably best in Belize as well out of your other ports. Which is why i say choose one and do the other at another port. Unfortunately whatever your choice, you will have the other, be it snorkeling or ruins elsewhere..... and i personally think Belize has the best of both out of the other ports you are travelling to.