Whale Watching Excursion



I personally go with Orca Enterprises Capt. Larry out of Juneau. There are several reasons.

1. His boat will hold 35 people but he will only take about 20 people out at a time so people have room to move. Most whale watching boats are much larger when in Alaska and can get very crowded.

2. The naturalists from the ships use Orca Enterprises and Capt. Larry.

3. Capt Larry does the whale watching all year round and lives there so he generally knows what are the most used paths the whales take, there is always an exception to this.

4. Capt Larry does not follow a set route and will change routes for the best chance to see whales.

5. Capt Larry and the crew member he will have onboard know a lot about whales and are great for information.

6. Capt Larry is quite a character and can make the whale watch fun and entertaining.

This is JMHO.


Can you give me some more info? How long is the trip? Approximate cost, etc. Any other tips or info would be appreciated. How do I book with him?


Here is their web site www.alaskawhalewatching.com Their tours are pretty close to the same price as from the ships. I think their was $1 difference between Princess and Capt. Larry. The trip is a total of around 3 hours. A half hour of that is getting to and from the boat so the actual whale watch is about 2 1/2 hours give or take a few minutes. This is about the same as from the ships. You meet right in Juneau across the street from the tram station right by the ships. You can book with them online or call their toll free number and talk with them direct, keep in mind any time difference.

We did them from the ship our first times to Alaska but have done them with Capt Larry every time since, which is quite a few times because Alaska is where we cruise and even though the price is in the price range of the ships we felt that Capt. Larry did a much better job. As I said the naturalists use him for best results.

When you see the whales regardless of if it is from the ships tours or from Capt. Larry you will be thrilled.

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We booked thru the cruise line and LOVED it! The guides we very informative, the boat wasn't too crowded. I don't regret not booking with the "famous" capt Larry.


What Howie said :grin
We have been with Capt Larry 3 times now and the last trip we took was in May. We did our first 'back to back' with him :grin

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