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Whales in August



We're booking an Alaskan cruise the end of August 2006. Everyone keeps saying to book a whale watching excursion with Captain Larry, but our TA says the whales have gone south by then. Anyone with commens on this. Have you seen whales in late August?

Frank Black

I just got back August 6th from the Radiance. Everyone who took whale watching trips saw lots of whales. We saw Orcas swimming near our crusie ship. As for the end of August, I suspect they ALL will not be gone by then.


We've sailed on the 2nd week in August on 3 different trips and saw many humpbacks. Hopefully they'll still be hanging around by the time you arrive.


Your TA is way off on the whales being gone. Peak season for whales will have passed and some of the whales will have started to return to the warm waters but there will still be humpback whales in Alaska when you cruise in August. There are also some pods of Orca that stay in Alaska year round.

If you want to go with Captain Larry I would book real early because he does fill up.