What A Deal!!



We are a group of 'very nice people' who got together over the internet and planned a cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Star.

This particular cruise leaves round trip from Seattle 6/27 and returns 7/04. The itinerary includes beautiful Glacier Bay.

We have group excursion rates (Ketchikan; Flightseeing with Michelle @ Islandwings. Juneau; Glacier and whale watching with Captain Larry; Car rental in Skagway going to Carcross and Emerald Lake.)

In addition, our group is staying (pre-cruise) at the Red Lion on Fifth at under $100.00 per night.

We also have a pulse on the lowest air fares.

So...if you don't know where to start, you can see we have it all laid out for you!!!

Rates are great along with shipboard credit.

We are now up to 30+ people. We would be delighted to add you to the list!!!

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Taking a tour into the Yukon is an excellent way to get the most for your buck. Not only do you have flexibility to stop whereever you want but you can decide how long and when to go etc. You are going to enjoy some of the best scenery ever and some interesting stops along the way. Depending on when you go you might even see some sheep and goats on the mountains, the old mining tram way and Bove Island and the interesting little town of Carcross. Bennet Lake is so beautiful - heck the whole area was beautiful. On the way to Emerald Lake you will see the world's smallest desert. I so remember how beautiful it was and I wish to return there one day. Took a horseback tour with Southeast Tours and thoroughly enjoyed myself because the horseback tour takes you up high on the hills overlooking Emerald Lake. The ranch is located just about 1/m past Emerald Lake. The tour operator has set that place up to look like a little western town of sorts. It has an old cabin that has sod on the roof with grass and flowers growing on it. They took us to little canvas covered cookshack outback for snacks and refreshments. The tour operator told us that the cookshack was fashioned after the Gold Rush days. Excellent and friendly service and I would recommend it to anyone who might be interested. People dropped in when we were there and they were able to take the horseback tour that we were on.