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What about bringing wine on board?



We are going on the NCL Majesty in March. I don't think we will bring liquer, although that sounds easier to smuggle. What about wine in ours suitcases? My parents cruised on other cruiselines and never had problems with wine. What about NCL?

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I had two bottles of wine in my carryon. The attendant check through the bag and he said have a nice cruise and we walked on with no problems.


I read somewhere someone said to bring a box of wine. That sounds like a great idea (if you drink the cheap stuff - like me :)
You won't even need a corkscrew!


We had 4 bottles of wine & they all showed up on the x-ray machines. Everything goes through the machines for your safety. They asked us to open the suitcases, they took the wine, put stickers on it & delivered it to us each night at dinner for a corkage fee. We were never allowed to bring it back to our cabin. Although, when we won a bottle of champagne at a contest, we got to take that back to the room & later when we bought a bottle of wine they were promoting on the ship, the wine & the souvenier glasses were delivered to the cabin.