What are drink prices for Carnival?


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beers can ballpark $5-6 depending on what it is. some of the new craft beers cruise lines are starting to carry are going for a little more.
wine around $7-8 glass, house wines
sodas not sure but probably $2-2.50 used to be free with dinners but not sure now
hard drinks are going to start around $9-9.50 and up from there depending on how exotic you are
gratuities are automatically added to the tab on bar drinks. Don't pay attention anymore but think it is still 15% no need to tip the bartender or waiter/waitress
their tips are separate from your standard/automatic cabin/dining tipping. though if you frequent a certain bar or lounge and always get the same bartender or
waiter/waitress a few bucks in hand can make sure your glass doesn't go dry, that can help if you are in a lounge show where the wait staff can be kept pretty busy.

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Hello Mrhappyjason, Well, when you were posting your question we were on the Carnival Vista. Figured I'd look at our receipts to find the prices we paid, then remembered that they don't give you receipts for your drinks anymore, on Carnival. But I do still have our final bill, which lists the prices and day, time and location on the ship where we made purchases. So based on that, near as our memories can reconstruct, this is what we paid:

$6.78 A beer at the Tide's Pool Bar
$42. 55 A bottle of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay in the dining room
$10.29 A Margarita in the Red Frog RumBar
$2.59 A Gingerale from the Tide's Pool Bar
$7.19 Vodka and Cranberry juice from the Casino Bar
$7.19 Kahlua and cream in the Piano bar
$10.64 A Manhatten from the Casino Bar
$10.07 Glass of wine in the dining room
$6.33 A beer at the Tide's pool bar

Those are the final price including the tax

FWIW, they do give you receipts when you purchase items in the shops, but not for drinks. I don't know why.


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Wow Gayle.......
Looks like you had a good time

Margarita's in a Rum bar "is" an interesting concept...................


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no receipts for drinks..... the boss can't find out how much you drank until after you get home and get the visa bill. Assuming that you can't figure out the billing on the tv in your room like me also.