What are NCL's Soda Program Prices?


Lady Jag

Just trying to figure out if it's worth it for a Diet Coke loving @ddict... :grin

Anyone have recent prices for a 7 night cruise for adults? Thanks so much! :)

Don Clark

From the NCL web site:
The adult refillable soda prices have gone up recently, to $5.75 per person per day.

Bon Voyage & Special Occasion Gifts
Adult Refillable Soda Fountain Cup
* Pricing is subject to change without notice
Adult Soda Program.
Prepaid @ $5.75 per day per person x Cruise days
Unlimited Fountain Soda
The entire cruise must be purchased

Lady Jag

Darn. That's more in line with RCI now.

For a 7 night cruise, that's $40.25 + 15% gratuity which is about $46.29.

I'd have to drink 25 cans of Diet Coke in a week at $1.80 per can (gratuity included) to equal that amount.

With such a port intensive cruise, I don't think I can do that. Looks like it'll be better for us to buy them one at a time.

Thanks for the info., Dick. :thumb

Don Clark

Fountain sodas on NCL ships are $1.25 each, while cans are $1.75 each, plus the 15% gratuity.

At $5.75 per day, that's less than 4 sodas a day. I easily can drink 6 to 8 of thse fountain sodas a day, so I go for the soda card. But if you drink less sodas, it will be cheaper to buy them individually.


I plan to do an NCL cruise in July. Will NCL allow you to bring on soft drinks? I know Carnival would allow a reasonable amount....but of course..this isn't Carnival.

Lady Jag

It's the caffeine and the carbonation that aren't good for me and that's what I'm trying to cut back on.

Water is so much better for your body. :angel
(but Diet Coke tasts SO good! :devil )



Does anyone know an update to the NCL Soda Prices. Most of the replies I have read are from 2006. I am going on the Majesty Feb 16,2008.

Don Clark

hillary Wrote:
> Does anyone know an update to the NCL Soda Prices.
> Most of the replies I have read are from 2006. I
> am going on the Majesty Feb 16,2008.
> Thanks
> Hillary

The adult soda card prices have risen since. Today they are $6.25 per day per card.
Adult and Teen Soda Program (ages 13 and older)
Unlimited Fountain Soda
Includes: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, and Soda Water
The entire cruise must be purchased. Non-Refundable.
Prepaid @ $6.25 per person per day x Cruise days plus 15% gratuity
and applicable taxes
Souvenir Thermal mug included in the purchase of the program


I beleive kids prices are less. Not being a soda drinker I can't imagine drinking that much, but again, I know for many it is worth getting the card. I like the idea of bringing your own on board if you are arriving a day early and can find a place to purchase them.



Wife and I both purchased the 6.25 per day cards and about broke even pricewise.
We could order sodas in regular glasses in the lounges and listen to music without turning snickering heads because of the imature looking insulated mugs.
Has anyone considered the Kool-Ade pre-sweetened packages if you have a load of kids to satisfy? Cool water is available everywhere-and I imagine asking for a glass of ice at a bar would not be considered a bad thing.


Going to Alaska on the Star August 23rd..

I have not heard more than a quick mention about Iced Tea. Is Iced Tea free or do you pay by the glass? I didnt see that it was included in the fountain beverages. Is it unsweetened? I had been thinking about the soda card, but I really dont want a lot of carbonation all week, and if that is what I paid for, that is what I would drink.

Also - we are permitted to bring our own soda or bottled water on the ship correct? We are arriving in Seattle 2 days early and had planned to purchase some to bring along for our room and the decks.

Barb in NY


What is included/free? I think back when I went on one a few years back, milk, and lemonade was included in the ships price. Any juices included? I know I did get the card last time, but I don;t know if it was worth it. I tried to drink as much as possilbe, LOL, but I did want some milk and other drinks during the trip too. I think we will skip it if we go again.