What are the best tables?



Booked on the Carnival Legend -- party of 3.

What is the best way to get a good table in the main dining room (table for 4 with a decent view). Does anyone know what the tables are that have windows? This is the Spirit class.

How do you get a good table? Can you call Carnival in advance and ask for a specific table? If not, is there any point to going to the restaurant early in boarding and spiffing the matre 'd to get you a good table? Does that work?



Basically table assignments are simply the luck of the draw. As far as applying a little gentle pursuasion with the Maitre'd, it's worth a try, but do it a.s.a.p. after boarding.


I can tell you the worst one (at least on the Pride): table 100, a large round table almost under the stairs to the second level. I swear it has to be the loudest place in the dining room - and I walked around after the third night to find out if I was crazy or not! There were some nice quiet areas though. Good luck!

boatride lover

We were on the Pride in January. We were seated right next to the windows, and we were at a table for 6.


On SPirit, we had a table right at the rail overlooking the main area of the ding room one level below where the maitre d' spoke nightly and the dancers performed on raised platforms when the waiters did their songs and dances. We did not have a window view, but we really enjoyed this spot for fun.


on Pride in April, we were in lower level, towards the back (could almost see out of windows). When the engines cranked up it was loud! And to top it off, we were seated with 2 men (not our type at all- they were a "couple" and we were NOT!) so we asked to be moved- and ended up at a small table upstairs overlooking the lower level. It was nice, but we really wanted to be seated with large group of people. When I book this years cruise, I will make special request for large table, but not in the back!


the new carnival brochure says that dining preferences (incl. time and companions) may be requested by your travel agent at time of booking. We have a family group of seven so want to be together. But mostly, want to eat at 5:45 so that we have a litle lingering time before we have to clear out. However, our TA said she could only request early or late, not specific time. (early is now split into 5:45 & 6:15) Do you think it's worth the trouble to try again since we are now paid in full?