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What are your favorite things about NCL?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Lyn, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Lyn

    Lyn Guest

    We are considering cruising the NCL Dawn and this would be our first time with this cruiseline (we've been on Carnival, Princess and Celebrity). My teenagers (17 and 15) are worried as they're used to certain things and wondered what they can look forward to on the Dawn. Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. halfdome86

    halfdome86 Guest

    We love Freestyle. No set dining time and in our case never a wait for a table although we ate a bit early. Many options for dining areas as well. Also being able to stay in the cabin on the last morning is nice.

    In our experience everything else on NCL was pretty much the same as on other lines. We've been on HAL, Celebrity, RCCL.

    You'll find many NCL bashers on these sites. We found NCL to be great (we sailed on the Sky). Maybe not quite as fancy as HAL or Celebrity but very close.
  3. audrey

    audrey Guest

    we are sailing on the Star on sun and the review have been very good so far not like PRINCESS Diamond they are having all kinds of problems. I am looking forward to the cruise to Alaska. We took the two day cruise on the Diamond before it started sailing and were not wild about it and I like Princess.
  4. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

  5. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

  6. Trish1c

    Trish1c Guest

    Freestyle & James Deering, the Hotel Director on the new POA. (Yes, I know he is certainly not a "Thing") but he is one of the people at NCL who make a cruise spceial. Calvin Lodge on the Dawn is a very close second.
  7. Best thing or things about NCL: Freestyle for us is number 1, followed by friendly crew , relaxed atmosphere and great itineraries. For a mid road cruise line you can't beat NCL!

  8. cm24

    cm24 Guest

    Thanks for your post - Our group will be on the NCL Spirit in Sept.
    You had mentioned geting to stay in the room for the morning as part of the freestyle experience you enjoyed most.

    How late do you really get to stay in the cabin on the last day?
    When do you have to be off the ship?

    thanks for your reply.
  9. Parrot Mom

    Parrot Mom Guest

    My most favorite thing after 13 cruises on NCL is....THE CREW!!!!
  10. halfdome86

    halfdome86 Guest

    We were able to stay in our cabin until they called our tag number to disembark. We were in one of the later groups and as I recall it was about 9:30am. Much better than hanging around the showroom, etc with all carryon luggage waiting to be called.

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