What brings you back to Princess



Dear folks,
We've already booked a cruise on the Crown Princess for October, but since doing so I have read several negative reviews. Comments like 'don't be fooled, this is a Carnival ship'; complaints about the difficulty of getting a beverage; the size of the ship and towel animals all trouble me a bit.

It has been several years since we cruised. Our last was 11/2000 on Ocean Princess, we had a great time, but I don't remember towel animals. I hope some of the Platinum and Elite level cruisers can offer reassurance that we have chosen the right cruise!

Thanks for your help


Ocean Princess 11/2000- Southern C
Grandeur of the Seas, 8/99- Eastern C
Mercury, 11/98- Western C
Century, 10/97- Western C
Fascination, 10/96- Southern C


i think that youll be fine i cruised on the emerald in february and am also cruising the crown this coming march. i havent had problems.but i did notice after carnival had taken the company i cruised the island and service didnt seem to be the same, but then i went back on the emerald and i think the complaining of loyal costumers had awakened them. And the service had been kicked back up a few notches. i was very pleased with the emerald. i think that the crew makes or breaks the cruise, so sometimes its just a new untrained crew or an overworked crew that decides your cruise. but i do miss the butler.


I have cruised on most the main cruise lines yet I keep going back to Princess. The reason I go back is that as their dumb add states I do feel like I belong. I am just more comfortable on Princess then the other lines, even though I have not had a bad cruise on the other lines. I enjoy the decor I enjoy the crew and most of all I enjoy being around the majority of the people that seem to come back to Princess.

I will say I am not a person who looks for the towel animals or anything to fancy. To me Princess has a home like feel with a little elegance thrown in. Thats just me. I will be back on Princess in July.

Cruise cutie

:wave.. we are the same as PEB.. we like the understated muted elegant decors, we really enjoy Formal nights... and the thing of always being able to find nooks and crannies to kick back and enjoy..we adore kids..our 5 are grown.. however ,and we find the first 2 weeks in February as more "adults".. and less kids.. most ever was 35.. and the adult only aft pools are a delight.. NO ONE under 18 allowed..and Princess is zealous in keeping it that way.. a huge plus.. the Italian chefs are outstanding..I am fussy as all get out Italian myself.. and we adore their desserts.. we could go on and on.. only been on one Voyager class sailing on Royal Caribbean, and it was not our cuppa.. a group @ddicts sailing so that was great but the ship itself..=eek..=shrug..

and finally the "ghost bookings".. that are available ONLY on Princess are another tapped resource we always get.. Happy sailing!!..:)..Joanne


Anytime dining! My wife and I love the flexiblity of dining when you want. I have found the Princess service to be excellent! We have been on 4 cruises with Princess and been very satisfied!:thumb


Same comment Paul made above - you feel like you belong there.

I've always felt like Princess does many of the small things very well and after you cruise on another line, those small things come back to you as reminders. For us, we really like having the grill by the pool for lunch, many options for dinner (plus the always available food items on the menu); the service and most staff attitude is usually top notch.

I've been on other cruise lines that do some things better than Princess, but as an overall package and pricing, we'll always go back to Princess as long as we cruise. :)

Cruise cutie

=yeah.. another few comments by Jody.. are in tune with us.. Mark and I love both the pizzeria RESTAURANT on some Princess ships.. and the pizza, hot dog grill by the pools.. on the balance of the other ships.. ..we also are very much NOT into paying extra for food.BUT the Steak place on the ships.. is WELL worth the 15.00 tariff on the sailing..my Husband is from BEEF Country USA and he =adore the steak.. so we will pay extra for that!!..:grin..on the one night we find the main entree menu item is not quite to our wanting..:lol..
you're getting me cranked for our Thanksgiving cruise!!..:)..Joanne


After 50+ Princess cruises, and 35 on other lines, I'm just plain comfortable on Princess. I usually run into a crew/staff member who remembers me from another cruise and lots of times, get 'extra special care'.....calls from the matre'd, etc.

I think they provide a well rounded product, the clientele are usually very friendly.


Hmmmm....well I don't like kids on cruises and love my towel animals. And most of the other amenities you describe, I assumed all cruise lines have by now. Doesn't every cruise line have a poolside grill? And if you're from the Northeast, where they actually make REAL pizza, like Philly or NYC, I'll pass on "cruise pizza" aka Pizza Hut. LOL Kinda like I thought I'd had great sushi before I went to Vancouver. Oh well, all good things come to an end. After 40 years of cruising when it was an experience that one could only get at sea, I'll simply count my blessings I cruised when it was a true escape and figure I had a good run. My first Princess in December on Ruby....I'll do my best to have fun. I always make my own fun regardless. I'm glad the board is here though, so I know to lower my expectations and be happy with what I get.

ps- what do you mean the ONE entree? You don't have a choice of 4 different entrees each night in the main dining room? Alrighty then!

Cruise cutie

Actually there ARE 4 entrees each night.and indeed you do have many choices..
on the left side of the menus is "always available".

to get true Princess info.and not faulty heresay.... you may just want to go to

http://cruiseclues.com .. plug in Princess ships..and check out The Princess Patters ,the menus etc..there are all kinds of info..

also should you want to launder clothes and many do..the laundry facilities are on every other floor ON EACH and every Princess ship.. .on Sea Princess is WAS free , not sure if it still is..there are irons, and ironing boards on the Princess ships.. in the laundry facilities..

Princess has red Carpet runners ,and Blue carpet runners on EVERY stateroom floor so in order to know Port or Starboards sides.. know in advance to go TO the Horizon Court buffet each and every day between 3:30 and 4:30 for the free home-made ice cream.it is incredible, and on top of that there is about every other day a Dessert only a la carte that is sinful.. fancy cheesecakes, tortes etc.. there is always available free ice cream as a dessert in the Dining room.. and .I have a feeling you truly will not have a good time on Princess if BEFORE you go you pre-judge by comments by cruisers..who have infrequently been on Princess.. or been on for kids crazy 7 day sailings during College/school breaks/Holiday sailings....

and I HAVE had towel animals on sailings..it's not a prerequisite that my sailing is ruined if I don't have TOWEL animals .. UM ..at shoving 50 it might be a charming touch but that's about it for myself..??!!?? want towel animals go on Disney or Carnival... NO THANKS..

I am more in line I like quiet spots, not having screaming running wild children all over the place, and that the ADULTS only pool is staffed to indeed be above 18 years ONLY.. all other ages are not allowed ,and they ensure that by asking anyone not in that age to go to the other pools..

and other than the final night of sailing for the Baked Alaska Parade..there is not the jump up and down waiters entertainment that IS a staple of Carnival..or the colours in the Dining Room that would start an aura migraine for me..
as with any mainstream line that is NOT hoi poloi cost a bomb to get on..ie: Crystal, Seabourne, or the others that is what makes it mainstream..
Happy research and sailing...


Funny post, thanks.
Actually, I can't remember my last towel "animal"...it's usually a towel "design" or they do interesting things with my nightgown (not while I'm in it). Great website. Everything all in one place. Thanks for that! I thought I knew ALL the cruise sites, and I did, but didn't know there was one that combined them all, including the sanitation inspection site. Already bookmarked it. Thanks again and I'll keep all your tips in mind (different runners - genius!). That helps a lot on a new ship.


After being on 15 Princess cruises I have found that you always get the same great experience on each cruise, the ships are always spotless, the food is great, the service is great, the price is right and the passengers are great! My Princess cruises have ranged from 10 to 32 day including Alaska, Hawaii, The Caribbean, Mexico, a Transatlantic and The Mediterranean. Princess has the best loyalty program in the business as well, I get free Internet, free laundry and dry cleaning, a nice welcome package that includes my choice of beverages along with a bunch of other goodies! I recently read a comparison of loyalty programs on Cruise Critic and Princess had the most comprehensive program of all the lines. Princess also is the only major cruise line that has a lot of west coast sailings. I've got 4 more Princes cruises booked and I'm ready to go!


Am I too old to say it's because of my parents? LOL

Seriously, my parents started sailing on Princess back in the '70s and while they've tried other cruise lines over the years, they keep coming back to Princess. So when my family and I started sailing, we tried Princess.

We've been on 3 Princess cruises and enjoyed them all immensely. I like the layout of the ships, and always found the staff and crew to be very helpful. The food isn't always perfect, but when something is cold (that should be hot) or something isn't made that well I barely have a chance to request another dish before the waiter is dashing off to the kitchen to make things right.

I think you'll have a wonderful time, Pat. I can't wait to hear about it since I will be on the Crown a few weeks after you.


::girly I have sailed Princess seven times and looking forward to my eighth Aug 13,09 Caribbean Princess from Brooklyn you just feel like you are with your family sailed last August on Caribbean Princess with Comondore Romano what a great person. Mingled with the passengers both on the ship and in port. I have sailed other lines but Princess is my heart.