what can you tell me about the Star Princess?



We are cruising on the Star Princess for Spring Vacation and have never cruised Princess before. Anything you tell us about this ship would be great to hear. We are 2 families traveling with 2 teenagers. We are really excited about trying Princess and have heard great things. Thanks for all your help!


Congrats on booking a Princess cruise :)

Hubby and I sailed on the Star Princess two years ago - it was her inauguration year. It is a "grand" class of ship and you can check out the deck plans by going to the Princess.com website.

There should be plenty of other teens around for your kids.

Do you have cabins yet? If not, try to get on the Caribe deck. They have the oversized balconies.


We have been on the Star. I wrote a review of it for this website. Check it out. It is a great ship, I am considering another cruise in March and if we go it will be on the Star.


We loved the Star! So far, she's our favorite Princess ship........
What do you want to know? It's a long way from front to back. The theater was lovely, and had good seating. The Vista Lounge was very nice and welcoming. About the only thing that was not wonderful about the Star was that the photo sales really blocked the walkway at night. The art auction also spilled out of its room, and all the pictures sitting around, made it look like someone was moving! :( The Star's OWN art gallery, though, was nice. The champagne waterfall party was a kick, as was the Island Night deck party. We booked our next cruise on board................great place to do it, as you only have to make a deposit of one hundred dollars a person, and you get a one hundred dollar a person credit on your next cruise, and you have four years to actually decide which cruise you want to take next. It's a GREAT deal! It can only be done on board.
The library is wonderful with deep cushy chairs that overlook the sea. The pools are fresh water, and the pools and hot tubs are open 24/7. The Horizon Court is open 24 hours, so if you want a snack before you go to bed you can get one. Shops are nice............all the lounges are nice, and Skywalkers is a great place, day or night.
Mostly, you are all going to have a fantastic cruise! Enjoy!


We cruised on the Star in October 2003 and loved it. The ship is fabulous. Take a look at my review on www.cruisereviews.com - [ Neil Hunter Oct 4th 2003 Mexican Riviera.]. We are going with Princess again this year and have booked the 15-day Los Angeles - Hawaii cruise on the Island Princess for sept 23rd. Our 25th Anniversary is on Sept 27th!


We have sailed on her twice to the Mexican Riviera and loved her! First trip (when she was new) was only hubby and me, next trip we took teen and one of her friends. They had a great time, but did not really like the teen center...thought the activities were lame. Had fun on their own with other teens they met, hanging out at pools, Horizon Court, etc. We really enjoyed Sabatini's, did not like Horizon Court (but it was fairly consistent with other Princess ships). Fitness center was great, spa was okay. Would not hesitate to sail on her again.


For those who are interested, someone named Parnami has written an extensive review of the Star Princess, including photos of the different types of cabins. You can find his review at http://members.fortunecity.com/parnami/StarPrincess/index.htm. If you scroll down to the bottom of the webpage, you will see links to everything from inside cabins to Penthouse Suites to the Skywalker's Nightclub and Summation.

For example, if you click on the link
http://members.fortunecity.com/parnami/StarPrincess/id19.htm, you will see his description of how the stateroom balconies differ on the various decks. He also has some photos to illustrate those differences.

In essence, the balconies on the Caribe deck are about 2 to 3 times larger (deeper) than those on the Aloha and Baja decks. However, the balconies on the Aloha and Baja decks are completely covered. The negative about balconies on the Caribe deck is they are half covered and half not covered. Thus, someone standing near the side of the decks above can see you if you are standing in the uncovered part of a Caribe balcony. Thus, if you want privacy, stand in the covered portion of the balcony.

The balconies on the Dolphin deck are about the same size as those on the Caribe deck, but are completely uncovered. Thus, if you have a cabin with balcony on the Dolphin deck, you have no privacy from the peering eyes above when you step out onto your balcony. Moreover, if someone with drink in hand leans over the railing on the Lido deck and spills his/her drink, it may land on you.

My wife and I sailed on the Diamond Princess for its 10-day New Years cruise to the Mexican Riveria. We liked it so much (other than the mediocre entertainment) that we booked an 11-day cruise on the Star Princess for this coming New Year. Incidentally, we have booked a cabin with balcony on the starboard side of the Caribe deck near the aft end of the ship.

Roll Tide!