We will be sailing on the Grand Princess in February with our first stop being Belize. We are having a hard time deciding what exactly we want to do at this port. We are not interested in the ruins or the cave tubing. More interested in snorkeling, beaches, shopping, horseback riding or maybe stingray city. Looking for a good dependable company but cheaper than ship prices. What did you do while you were in Belize? Any recommendations or tips for Belize is most welcome and appreciated. I have printed some maps and lots of info to study so we won't be totally lost when we get there. Thanks!



We took a ship's excursion, snorkeling at Goff's Caye. That was good, but it seemed like the folks that took the Shark's Alley snorkeling excursion had more fun. Ours was one of Carnival's first cruises to Belize, so there weren't recommendations on independent excursion operators, but there probably are some now! The snorkeling was great!


We did the Shark Ray Alley trip through Coral Breeze, www.coralbreezelimited.com. This was the best excursion we did the whole cruise. My 7 year old son loved swimming with the sharks and sting rays. I only with we would have spent more time on Caye Caulker, we only had an hour. I would definitely recommend Coral Breeze.

Splenour of the Seas 12/11/04


I went snorkeling, it was nothing special, except that the water felt good with the heat. We hardly saw any fish, and no "sharks". Also, it was a guided tour, and we had to keep looking up to find the guide and swimming to keep up with the tour guide, and couldn't really look where we wanted. I spent more time paddling after the guide, than looking for fish. I only took 3 pictures, and got kicked at least 5 times!

So, I would say skip the snorkle, or book with someone other than Carnival, so you can have a more personalized experience.

My parents took a tour of the mayan ruins and absolutely loved it. They went with a women from the US, who was living in Belize. They found her on the pier, and she took them on a private tour in her van. The got to see a lot of the countryside while driving.


We did the best trip there, Cave Tubing!!!

Its very unique and a lot of fun. We went with X-STREAM cave tubing.

I would try the first but they fill up quickly because they take only small groups but there are other companies around but I don't think as good. We paid $60 each, the ship was charging $86 and didn't do all the caves we did!


If you are interested in learning something while on vacation, we went to the community baboon sanctuary. We really enjoyed this place. We got to see so many baboons and our guides were awesome. The tours were conducted by the director of the sanctuary and his son. They tell you a lot about the sanctuary and about the history of Belize. We also got to enjoy a tour of the city on the way to the sanctuary. It was really a blast.


GO HORSEBACK RIDING!!!! We went last March and had a blast. We are an adventurous couple and we had planned to do the cave tubing. At the last minute we changed our plans and went on the horseback riding/river cruise and it was the highlight of our trip.

We boarded a bus that took us on a drive (about an hour if I remember right) thru the city. They told us all about the city and it's heritage. We also used this time to complete paperwork required for the horseback riding. Once we got there we were met at the Banana Boat Lodge by a nice man who started the lodge after moving away from the harsh Montana winters.

A wonderful snack of homemade banana bread was served and was much appreciated by all. We also got a few tips on riding and broke up into our individual groups.

The horseback riding here is much different than any trail ride trips you may have taken in the states. These horses are not required to walk single file down predetermined trails. We rode thru the jungle where the temperatures were much cooler. We rode up and down rocky areas, tramped thru mud and muck, and crossed streams. There were some photo ops along the way and the ride was about an hour and a half or so. During our time we did some walking, galloping and trotting. It was enough to make everyone's butt sore!

We got back to the lodge where we enjoyed a big lunch of chicken, veggies, slaw, etc. We enjoyed some singing from the folks working there too. Then it was off on the river cruise.

We walked to the Belize river entrance and got into two flat bottom boats. We floated down the river where we enjoyed monkeys, lots of interesting birds and other wildlife. Upon our return we toured the lodge. The man that runs the place has a wife who is a wonderful artist. We viewed her work and studio as well as the monkey, big cats and birds he has on the property. The lodge ie beautiful and my DH and I would love to go and just stay there for a romantic getaway sometime.

It was well worth the money and we would do it again in a heartbeat. After getting back on the tender we talked to several folks who had gone on the tubing excursion. They had fun, but most were complaining about the nasty water and mud. Everyone agreed that the horseback riding did not get enough attention. It is WONDERFUL!!!

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