What do we all do for our day jobs/careers/occupations?


Gayle V

Wow, everybody's jobs sound so much more fun and way more interesting than mine. And you all seem happy in your jobs. I sure wish I could say the same. But I'm a nurse, and I work the night shift at a suburban hospital that is part of the Cleveland Clinic system. And I 'd quit in an instant to do almost anything else, if only I knew how to do something else that paid.


Interesting thread...

I used to be a long time banker...doing loans...mortgages and mutual fund sales...Left that after it got way too stressful...now am doing part time contract bookkeeping for small businesses...keeps me hopping and puts money in the cruise piggy.....

My hubby is into tires....works for a tire and battery company here in Niagara Falls...Loves his job...cant yet imagine him retiring....Ok with me..as long as he can get the time off when we book a cruise...



I'm a Dental Hygienist at a Pedo Practice and I also own a Cruise Planners franchise which allows me to help others do what I love...CRUISE! :)


I am the Associate Registrar at Emerson College in Boston - if I could do ANYTHING else I would, but having spent all of my life working in higher education and have no idea what I would do - I used to love my job - but politics and office cr*p are making my job a living hell - I just dread going in every day because I never know what kind of stunt will be pulled -so I am looking for a new job, which makes me sad b/c I am at the point in my job there that I will be eligible to double the sick and vacation time :(

Oh well....


I run 4 companies.

1. Communications systems and voice mail installation and service. Phones Plus, Inc.
2. Software company that develops communication software. Ultimate Software Products
3. Distribution company of a product that blocks cable channels for parents with small children. Channel Lock
4. Distribution company of a product that replaces your home telephone service with cellular. Telular

And of course my future company which will specialize in cruise/land packages for the tourist industry.

So, I keep pretty busy.



Wow, this is the best thread! What a diverse bunch of people post here!
I manage 2 Christmas stores in local malls in the Pittsburgh area and hubby is an airline pilot.


Retail Pricing Specialist for the North Atlantic Region of Whole Foods Market. I've been with them for 10 years and am currently out of work on disability due to a cervical disk/spinal cord problem. I am longing to be back at work.



What fun to see what our friends do! My hat is off to all the nurses, teachers, public servants, pilots, and moms out there - can't imagine having the responsiblity you all have.

Running a golf club and restaurant is "tame" compared to the importance of your jobs - sure, there's a lot of stress, but the atmosphere is gorgeous, people generally in a good mood and I get to dress up every day!

This thread is a combo career/where do you live roll call and has been most interesting - thanks for some good reading. I'd love to meet any of you......ever wonder how many of us have seen each other on cruises and not known it???? I'm on the Volendam, 10/27 - anyone going?


I was a hair dresser for 23 years...now I dress men for a living....I sell mens Polo clothing for Dillards !


This IS an interesting thread :grin
I am not working at present, my choice :)
I am a UK trained Nurse/Midwife :baby
I was working in the Middle East as a Midwife when I met my hubby :grin
Over here in the US I never took the 'conversion course' so that I could work as a Midwife. ( Not in the right place at the right time, long story )
So I worked as an RN.
I am also a Reiki Master and I work on family and friends when they ask and the furbabies when they are sick! =hug

I suppose I could be considered as a part time volunteer Draught Guinness sampler! =gulp


12 yrs as a Labor&Delivery nurse in HighRisk OB Hospital...now work part-time (2 12-16 hr.shifts/week) so I can work full-time as the mom to 4 kids (ages 7,6,3,1)!!!!!!! (The never ending laundry pile....)



I am an RN and CSPI - Certified Specialist of Poison Information. I work at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Poison Center. We are the Poison Center for all of Wisconsin. I am also involved in Toxicology Research.

Hubby is semi-retired. We are Real Estate Investors and have a portfolio of properties that we own and manage. I handle all issues concerning the rent and I am the QUEEN of tenant screening.


I am a product development/systems engineer for Eaton Corporation - Automotive Group (www.eaton.com) and the division I work for develops advanced powertrain technologies for consumer trucks and SUV's (www.traction.eaton.com) for companies like GM, Chrysler/Jeep and Hummer. I'm pretty fortunate that I work at my corporation's 650 acre proving ground complex where we have every imaginable driving condition and I get to drive all types of vehicles in extreme/test environment conditions. Many of them are prototypes that can't be allowed to be seen in public so I get to see & drive whats coming out before everyone else. It's a lot of fun and a very pretty place to work (lots of wildlife, ponds, woods, etc.).

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I am a kitchen design consultant, helping people plan their "dream" kitchens and bathrooms. I deal with cabinetry, counter top surfaces, appliances & hardware.


I am an Architect / Project Manager. I head up the commercial team in a firm of about 50 people. We mainly do community clubhouses, mid- to high rise condominiums, and medium sized office buildings. However our firm runs the entire spectrum from unmanned outdoor pavilions to 50,000 square feet luxury homes to 24 story hotel/retail spaces.

Lori is the Office Manager / Administrator for a psychiatrist office.

Great thread! Lots of diversity on this board!


I will add our professions to the community.....
I work in the insurance industry specializing in writing bonds for contractors. During my career I have spent several years in the Personal Lines arena as well.
Hubby works for a garage door company. He has spent time in the residential arena, and is currently a Commercial Sales Manager.



Holy Cow we are a diverse bunch!

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