What do we all do for our day jobs/careers/occupations?



I'm late in joining this thread, but I'm glad I found it here. It's just great to see what a diverse and accomplished group we have with us.

My job was medical transcriptionist in a large hospital until I retired two years ago to remarry and start cruising. Now I'm chief homemaker and shopper for DH and myself, as he is retired too. Life is good, especially here in Florida.



My job is transporting precious cargo..... children that is. I'm a school bus driver. I also have a home run business making gift baskets for all & every occassion.


My job title is Plant Utilities Engineer,can operate a coal burning power plant and do maintenance on air handler/HVAC /heating units for the State of NY at a local University(25 yrs.,8 to go til retirement at 55),,great thread almost like a game trying to tell where everyone's from by the job description,,Mark

Jill B

Hi, I am late here too. I run a small business from home, in the same area of expertise for the past 32 years, embroidery of logos for business, sport, and everything else. I worked for various companies over the years, until DH suggested we set up from home. My work used to be all freehand machine, but now it is all computerised it is much better.
We do a lot of business and sport logos, and a lot of one off stuff that the big companies won't touch, eg wedding dresses, costumes, gifts etc.
I also set up logos for other embroidery companies who do not have the software and/or personnel for that job. This can all be very demanding and stressful at times, but also challenging and creative. I also like to use all my technology for craft projects; quilts etc; (which I love) for gifts for family and friends :)
Below is a link to some of the creative stuff I have done. (not the regular day to day boring stuff that we usually get. lol)



I am a farm wife, semi-driver, cook, gopher, etc. and when we aren't farming I substitute teach at our local schools. Hubby of course is a full time farmer on our family farm with his dad, brother, & nephew. We raise corn, soybeans, & wheat in Central Illinois. We have 2 grown daughters, one married and we both love to travel. I could cruise every vacation but we have to do something different every once in awhile. We went on two cruises this year so now we have a trip to Branson over the Christmas season planned and a week in the Florida Keys for February. Looking forward to both!! I love hearing what everyone does.



Special Education Teacher for children at risk (5 to 7 year olds) A very rewarding job. I love going to my job everyday, to my "special kids"


Radio news anchor, in the business 46 years. Also, music columnist for the local newspaper (25 years) and I teach a section or two of Speech or Communications at a local college (bunch of years). On the side, I make the tape edition, for the visually impaired, of a national magazine.


Here's another one to say that this is a most interesting topic, with many very fascinating careers mentioned.

OK - here goes. I spent 42 years in our family company until I retired from it in 1998 - it's an Export Management Company/International Trade Consultants. My only ongoing link to the past is that I continue to be a member of the Arizona District Export Council, to which I was appointed by the late U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown. I've lectured on various aspects of international trade at a number of universities and before a number of trade organizations. I was a charter member of the Board of Regents at Catholic University in Washington, DC; a charter member of the Board of Advisors at the College of Business at Arizona State University-West; a member of the Board of Advisors in International Trade at Paradise Valley Community College.

Backing up, while getting my M.A. and Ph.D. at one of the Ivy League universities "way back when", I was asked to join their Faculty and in my second year of teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, I was made head of the undergraduate Italian language department...a post I held for several years before resigning to get back to the international field. I also have a certificate in smaller company management from another Ivy League university.

Fast forwarding to the present, when I "retired" from my company, I wanted to pursue what has been a love since I was a child - the travel field. I joined with a friend whose business acumen and ethics mirror my own. Inasmuch as I had been helping friends and business associates with their travel plans since I was a teenager, not to mention taking care of our own travel schedules, I felt very much at home immediately thanks to the welcome and training I received from my friend who owns the Agency. I got my CLIA ACC and MCC certifications concurrently, and have thoroughly enjoyed my work as a cruise specialist concentrating on luxury/upscale/premium cruises. I grew up with ships and overseas travel, and have never lost my love of the sea. My great joy now is seeing that my Clients are happy.


I am a retired Air Force Pilot by way of the Air Force Reserves. My second (and present) career is as an Enrolled Agent (federally licensed tax accountant). I'm slow posting as today is my other tax deadline. Today is the last chance to file a timely 2003 income tax return. I'm ready for my next cruise--six weeks away!