What do we do with our stuff while in port on the various beaches?



We are planning to visit the following beaches:

Cable Beach - Nassau
Paradise Beach - Paradise Island
Trunk Bay - St. John
Condado or Isla Verde - San Juan
Labadee (Royal Caribbean beach)

Do any of these beaches have lockers or somewhere to safely put your things? We are trying to decide what we can take onshore with us. Would like to take our cameras, but are afraid they will get stolen.


Many people take the inexpensive "one-time" camera's from Walley-World or other discount stores. The sand and salt is not really good for expensive camera's. And the one-time use cameras are really not that much more than film !! Just a thought, as most beaches don't have lockers per say.

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We don't take anything that is worth stealing or not being worn.

We wear tee shirts to snorkle and our suits with beach shoes. We take two towels and some suntan lotion. Cash and the cards are placed in my swin suit that was specially bought because of the huge inside pockets and zippered outside pockets. I carry $200 or so in 20's and they get wet but dry quickly and they are never shunned because they are too salty. I wear a divers watch that is good to 100 feet so that stays on my arm. Rings, etc stay in the safe as do other valuables and when away from the chairs we are using our snorkeling gear.


good advice. You can get under water camera's of the one use type also. We use them. I too have never had anyone not take my wet monies. lol.


On St John there are lockers at Trunk Bay. However, we only take towels and a change of clothes, sunscreen, etc. We also take a small point and shoot that we have had for ages but our friends have taken a small digital. We bought a little plastic case on board our ship. It hangs around the neck and the strap has a little adjustable tab to slide up to tighten it so it doesn't float off. It is water resistant, not water proof, but it is about the size of a large cigarette case. I put in my sign and sale card, cash, and a credit card.

I have used the same one for several cruises and it works great. It costs about $5.

We have left our belongings on the beach at St. John, Antigua, St. Maartin, Tortola, etc. and in 6 cruises have never had anyone disturb our things.

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