What do you do with left over turkey?



I thought we should share what we do and the recipe. I usually make soup and turkey salad but Paula Deen was on Regis and Kelly this morning and this recipe sounds pretty good so I will give it a try. I am hoping the modirators will let his thread stay here in Aft then in a couple days move it over to the Recipe Forum. :)

Paula Deen's Turkey & Stuffing Casserole

INGREDIENTS:4 to 5 cups diced leftover turkey
One 10.75 ounce can condensed cream of mushroom soup
One 8-ounce carton sour cream
3 cups herb-flavored stuffing mix (I like Pepperidge Farm)
½ (1stick) butter, melted
1 cup chicken broth (canned is fine)

DIRECTIONS:1. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Spray a 13 by 9 inch glass casserole dish with vegetable oil cooking spray
2. In a medium bowl, stir together the turkey, soup and sour cream
3. Place the mixture in the prepared dish and pat down evenly with the back of a spoon
4. In a clean medium bowl, stir together the stuffing mix, butter, and broth. Spread evenly over the turkey mixture
5. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes, until the stuffing topping is browning and the casserole is hot and bubbly


We made "care packages" for my mother and her friend to take home after Thanksgiving dinner. We saved enough just for a meal for us. Can't fathom eating all types of turkey dishes for days on end! :D


ok, some may think I am a little nuts::eek:, my wife does. For the past few years we have cooked a 15 lb turkey and had 2 full meals out of it. After having our 2 meals we usually have at least 1/2 of a turkey left. I walk down to the back of our yard and put the meat, skin & cooked organs on some plates so my furry friends can have a nice meal. Last year at about 1am I flicked on our rear spot lights and saw a small Coyote making off with a treat. Last night it was a good sized Grey Fox out there having dinner.
I know I shouldn't do it but I feel bad when it gets cold out there. I have bird feeders too, I see it as being the same (they're just bigger than birds).:D
I only do it a few times a year when we have a large amount of meat left over from a dinner party or holiday.



Well, I am not a lover of casseroles (what is with that green bean casserole that Americans make for every Thanksgiving dinner :? ....I prefer green beans with cashews :grin ) ...so we generally have vegetables and cold turkey for a couple of days...plus of course turkey sandwiches at every opportunity. We used to buy a huge turkey when everyone was home but now it's a smaller one that can be used up fairly quickly...and of course Mom gets to take some of the turkey home with her. Unlike herb I never tire of turkey and don't mind eating it for 5 days in a row :grin ! Never make turkey soup...don't like that either! Then of course there is New Year's Dinner...always ham here and I really don't like ham at all...the meal, one ham sandwich the next day and I'm done!


My family loves turkey ala king and turkey soup. Even one of our non soup liking friends likes my turkey soup.

I don't mind a few days worth of turkey but by Sunday I won't want any more. I only made a small breast for us as we had dinner somewhere else yesterday so we shouldn't be too heavy in turkey meat.

H2O babe

Hey Niecize - that recipe sounds good - maybe I will try it out, although we are still eating leftover stuffing and the boss might not appreciate even more stuffing!

We like turkey ala king and I make that to help use the leftovers. If we're sick of eating turkey after about 5 days I freeze whatever is left and make turkey ala king out of it later.



Well, we normally only do a turkey breast, so I cut off the breast, and save the bones with a lot of meat on it and throw that into the freezer. Then I'll pull it out and put it into a pot and boil the meat off of it, strain the broth and put the meat back in, add tons of good veggies and seasonings and make an awesome turkey soup. My last one, a couple of weeks ago, I put in Fresh 4 cheese tortelini at the end, and YUMMO!!! was that ever super good. :)


I used to go the whole 9 yds. with the soup, turkey tetrazzini, sandwiches etc. Now I'm so sick of turkey that several meals a year at other people's homes is enough for me.

Jim, you do your neighbors with small children pets a disservice by putting out food to attract predators. Yes, they are losing their fear of people and attacking. There have been 48 attacks were verified from 1998 through 2003. 1981 in Glendale, California, a coyote attacked 3 yr old Kelly Keen, who after being rescued by her father, died in surgery due to loss of blood and a broken neck.


Leftover turkey? i always take care of the whole bird. make sure no leftovers to mess with.


Well, I made a small turkey on Sunday since there were no left overs at DDs from Thursday's meal. We had hot turkey sandwiches last night and tonight I will try out this recipe.