What do you like about Celebrity?


Lady Jag

Celebrity is one cruise line I've never sailed with, so can you explain what attracts you to them?
Why do you sail with them over another cruise line?


X was our second cruise line back in 93...the ship was the Zenith. It was new then and it just seemed like "The greatest." Compared to our first cruise which was on the RCCL's "Song of America" it was just us. Laid back, Quiet, (few announcements) , bigger rooms , better service and much better food and service in the Dining room.
Don't get me wrong we enjoyed the "Song" It got us hooked.

We did the Horizon through the Canal X's first Canal journey. A sister ship to the Zenith although a couple of years older. We were indeed really hooked.

We have since sailed on HAL a few times and X's Infinity more than once.

Service on board still remains the big reason along with the comfortable size and space on their ships. The M class is big but the space usage keeps everything in perspective. You are often alone throughout the ship. And the Infinity feels like home.
The T-pool area and Cafe are just grreat. Nothing beats the warm falling water from one of the four stand pipes as it hits the back of my neck as I relax early AM.
Pool/sun space is OK even on sea days.

Cruise prices are reasonable and their repos even more so and we take advantage of those as often as we are able. Planning ahead we can often get some very nice deals. OUr placement up here in Canada means that we generally have longer flts. to Warm ports so when we go warm we plan longer cruises.

Their loyalty program is no great shakes but it does have some features that we can take advantage of...

Oh did I tell you they have the best Martini bars at sea. !!!!

That being said we are off soon to say goodbye to the Zenith and the lines very first Martini bar at sea. It is leaving X and going to a subsiduary in Europe.

They treat you to a very nice journey when at sea, staff with few exceptions seem to enjoy themselves and therefore you feel like you are welcome and part of the enjoyment.

Their land staff is based in all places, Witchita, and I doubt many of them have seen the sea. Sometimes this can be frustrating but overall eventually we have been provided with super service.

All of our experiences have not been great on the M class. Two of our cruises have been hampered by pods problems. One we were on we actually were put off the ship in Mexico as the cruise could not continue. X seems to have somewhat of a handle on this problem but the possibility of that problem still exists and until they get a true fix on this if you are not flexible in your holiday times and/or book your own air to longer cruises especially open jawed distant ports I would indeed remain wary. This on the M class ships only.

Oh did I mention the best martini bars at sea :)

From what I personally have observed on the Lines we have sailed we are very comfortable recommending Celebrity.
That being said it's just a cruise line trying to make money and sometimes "Ship" happens.


I'll add that the specialty restaurants on the M Class ships offer a wonderful dining experience. We also appreciate that Celebrity ships have a string quartet, as well as an excellent seven piece orchestra.

Lady Jag

Sounds nice! :thumb We love a string quartet. DH used to play the cello in one for years.

I'm thinking of trying one of the new ships when they come out or one of the M Class ships if I can work that in. Service is very, very important to us. Sounds like it might be a fit for us and at the very least, worth a try!

Thanks for the insight! :thumb


If you try Celebrity you won't be disappointed. The service is top notch and everyone I encountered was friendly. Food is delicious and we ate in the Dining Room and at the Buffet. The pizza stand is great, not too spicy and always hot. We have been on 3 cruises and can't think of any negatives to mention. Try it you will love it.


BSeabob Pretty much sums it up. Great Ships, Fabulous Service and Fantastic food.

He really should have mentioned the best Martini Bars at sea though :lol and the Martini Tastings.

To me it is the little extras like free welcome aboard champagne and someone escorting you to your cabin. When boarding the Infinity after our stops in alaska the staff met you at the gangway with huge vats of hot chocolate to warm you up. On Century down in the Caribbean they met us at the tender pier or at the gangway with ice cold water and punch and cold face towels to cool us off.

On our Century cruise we found out that they charge for cranberry juice which we usually have room service deliver each morning. On our first stop at Key West we bough a bottle of it and kept it in the cabin. After two days it was almost gone. Our cabin steward showed up the next morning with a whole new bottle, no charge. They call it the "Celebrity Treatment" and they do live up to that.


We are doing the trans-Atlantic on Galaxy May 1st - our 3rd Celebrity cruise. Excellent service - someone to carry my tray, make sure my coffee is refilled even in the buffet, no rushing from my buffet table, nightly treats in the room, no belly-flop contests and no hourly announcements, and I do love the martini bar. It's a classy line in decor, food, people, service - I feel like everyone treats me like a "celebrity".

We've been on the Century and the Milennium. To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary there was no question in our mind when it came to choosing a line - destination was secondary!


Hi Everyone... I am planning to Cruise next March with Celebrity aboard the Galaxy... Its a 11 Day Exotic Southern ..Can anyone tell me What this Ship is like???? Service.. ECT.... I usually Cruise with Princess.. so this is a change for me... I LOVE Princess Lines and I hestitate to change... SO I need someone's Input that has cruised on this Ship.....Thanks


We are going on our 5th cruise (all Celebrity) on July 7th for our 25th Anniversary. Our 1st was on the Brittanis which was really old 25 yrs ago when we got married. We then sailed on the Zenith when she was 3 months old, on the Millinium during her 1st yr in service for our 50th B'days and the Century a few yrs ago. We were booked on the Zenith in July and were later notified that we would be sailing on the Journey. Since I had never heard of that ship I was a little confused until I checked it out further. Now I am thrilled with the outcome. We have now been bumped up to a larger cabin with a balcony which the Zenith did not have. We have always had fantastic service on Celebrity and never had a meal that wasn't absolutely delicious. We have thought about trying another cruiseline but are leary when we know we have the best with Celebrity. The Millinium was beautiful and we had a great time but I prefer the smaller ships. Just too much walking to everthing on those mega ships.
I have acquired a taste for martinis since our last cruise so I do look forward to checking out the martini bar from time to time. :)D


We love their professionalism. When you get on board, they hand you a glass of champagne and a server in white gloves will take your carry on stuff and escort you to your room. And you just got on!

They always seem to go the extra mile. On our tenth anniversary, we were surprised with a dinner invitation to dine with the captain.

Another time, in the dining room, I off-handedly mentioned to our waiter that I liked the frogs legs that they served a few nights ago. He came back with a plate of them, and then brought my dinner!

Captain Nikolas Pagonis. Best captain we have EVER sailed with. A great guy, and one that gets marketing. Can't say that about too many captains.

Walk down the hallways and give any light fixture the white glove test. That is, run your finger across the top. NOTHIHNG!

Celebrity is a class act.

Gold Coast Cruisers

Hi cruisers, this is our first time on this thread. Gold Coast Cruisers from down under Australia. We have had two previous trips with Celebrity
2003 Constellation Mediterranean. 2005 Mercury Mexican Riviera both very memorable cruises. Our local cruises have been with P&O and Princess cruise lines having enjoyed five cruises around the Pacific Islands.However we think that you can't beat Celebrity so much so that we have just booked 3 b to b Nov/Dec 07. Ensenada / Honolulu.
Honolulu / New Zealand. New Zealand / Australia. We normally travel as a group,friends and neighbours,this trip will consist of eight, but we have had as many as twenty two,lots and lots of fun and fantastic memories.So what do we like about Celebrity in one word EVERYTHING and to be onboard for it's first trip down under will be the icing on the cake.CAN'T WAIT,: roll on November.


I just returned from the 12-day mediterrean cruise on the Millenium on June 7. I loved everything about the ship, the food, the service, the crew, entertainment. They have their act together. I did not feel as if I was at sea. What a wonderful experience. The only negative returning back to normal life.

Penny Jones/Tampa

Lady Jag

Boy, reading this makes me really want to try them. They sound like what I'm looking for - no bellyflop contests, no passengers walking around carrying beer bottles, no out of control kids, etc.

Thanks for everyone's input! :thumb :)


Definitely not your bellyflop cruiseline, though I did win the "King of the Century" contest once. Long story.

You positively will not be disappointed. It's all about the detail, and making you feel special, and they certainly cover both very well. I've been on three of their ships so far and don't have a favorite as they were all very nice. Oh and yeah, I can't wait for the Solstice!