what does one do on a fun day at sea?



question from a firsttime cruiser - what kind of activities are there going on on a fun day at sea? if you dont like lounging by the pool is it likely that u'll get bored?


Hi Danvel,

Not much chance of that. There are a number of deck side activities that might include; ice carving, horse races, belly flop contests, live music etc. There is a library and art auctions, bingo, trivia games etc. Several lounges and music in various venues Maybe a cooking demonstration and motion pictures. At least three meals and a theater production. Shipboard photographers pictures will be on display for purchase. Just be sure that you read the ships daily paper so you can attend those activities you are interested in.



I know most ships have a tea time at 3:30. I make it a point of catching up with family members at that time. Its classy... come dressed as you are==nothing fancy. will get little desserts and a spot of tea..(LOL) very relaxing)

Lot of pool games, hairy chest contest, Knobby knee contest. bingos, trivias art auctions. grab ice cream or pizza...maybe a burger.
Bored??? I cant see that at all.


From the Carnival Capers Dec. 1, 2001, aboard the Carnival Inspiration, FUN DAY AT SEA:

10:30 AM Win a Cruise for 2 Bingo
1:00PM Ice carving demonstration, followed by the Hairy Chest Contest by the pool
1:30PM Survivor at Sea, final episode
2:30PM Final Art Auction Extravaganza
2:15PM Country Line Dance Class in the disco
2:45PM Newlywed and Not-so-Newlywed Game in the Paris Lounge
3:30PM Gold Card Bingo & Store Raffle in the Paris Lounge
4:00PM Camp Carnival Talent Show in the Candlelight Lounge
7:00PM Karaoke Fun in the Avant Garde Lounge
9:00PM Big Band Dance Set, Paris Lounge
10:00PM Inspiration Horse Racing, Paris Lounge

And of course there is the food, the pools, the gym, the bars, etc., etc., etc. I don't think you will be bored!


And there are the shops aboard, a tv in the room with a movie or two (that's replayed during the day and night -or at certain times), and you can get a free deck of cards from the pursars' desk and find a nice place to play solataire or whatever, and then there is the beauty rest for the tired, and the just sitting and watching the water go by and feel the breeze. There is even an internet cafe (does cost money) for those who need to keep in touch with home or business and the casino (also costs money).

I would not count out the pools. The bigger boats have four and people get in and get out. Several times on the Conquest, I actually had the aft pool to myself around 4pm or almost all day when most people went into Jamaica. There are also the spas, 2 each at the middle and aft pools (on the Conquest).

ENJOY your cruise.



But lifeboat drill is not done at sea. yes, did enjoy HS's comments about his trying to dodge the drill.

Maybe they can add this drill on a sea day for those who couldn't do it the first time and maybe make a contest out of it.

Better yet, maybe have a stewarts contest list of things they see from people trying to dodge the drill.



In MHO if you are board on a cruise if is of your own doing. When I got home and actually read thru my Capers front to back, I was amazed at the stuff that was going on that I missed. There is just no way to do it all. So read the Capers each evening and plan your day, or don't plan your day, just go with the flow.

Enjoy your cruise.
I'll be enjoying my second one in Dec.


Gamble :)

I'll second activities which HS noted on the "Lifeboat Drill" message...

When the boat's a rockin....



If you're like me, and don't like lounging by the pool, yes, you will be bored.

Most of the "indoor activities" seemed to me to be aimed toward "senior cruisers." They were more boring than lounging by the pool.


I don't know how anyone could be board. I laid by the pool one day out of seven and that was only onthe Grand Caymans day when we reboarded early in the afternoon. I am 25 and young but there is plenty to do. I read, slept, visited, shopped, drank and just relaxed. I did spend a bit of time in the Internet Cafe... listened to live music.. played a little bingo (not nearly as much as the rest of my family) and I ate -- alot. If you want to be busy every moment of that day -- you can be. If you don't, thendon't be. It's all about your attitude.... if you go into it with a good attitude themyouwill have a blast.

PS... Find a good quiet, shaded deck to read a book and take a nap on. It's was almost the best part of the cruise!


there's plenty to do. the newlywed game is pretty funny. there are also window seats where i saw many people curled up reading a good book. it's just nice sometimes to relax and 'unplug'.