What does Princess NOT do well?



With a Brit wife believe me when I tell ya the tea ain't up to snuff. Also they could axe that blasted Hagan Daaz stand and open up a ice cream parlor with their own brand of ice cream for NO charge. I would also like to see them add back in a couple midnight buffets poolside even though they offer the 24 Horizon Court. Last but not least they could have a Sterlings Steakhouse with outdoor dining on ALL their ships as its a delightful way to spend a few evenings dining. Well U asked and perhaps I went a bit crazy. :lol Obviously we MUST like what they offer though since they are our fav line. :thumb



Eggs. I like real scrambled eggs for breakfast. I tried all over the ship to find real eggs and finally the last day the waiter told me I could order real scrambled eggs in the dinning room, after they brought me some more powdered eggs. Yuck.


Their website. No info on their new ships, and sometimes lacking deck plans, etc. for ships that have recently entered service. On-line booking and pricing would be nice, too.


We've cruised Princess several times and we have a Princess cruise booked for next summer to Alaska. The fact that they have a ice cream charge doesn't bother me, because you can always get ice cream at meal times in the dining room. The coffee "thingy" doesn't bother me, although my husband and I are coffee drinkers. I think the only thing that I can think of is: like someone else posted about the lemonade. We're not tea drinkers and I don't like drinking coffee in the afternoon. I would love it if Princess would have the lemonade (as Carnival does) or even punch, that was available at all times. One other thing; we were on the Sun Princess this year to Hawaii and the days at sea were lacking with things to do. You could either play bingo or trivia games; that was about it. We were at sea a lot of days because it left and returned from the west coast and their days at sea were pretty bad "entertainment-wise". We cruised RCCL to Hawaii and they had a lot of things planned for their "at-sea" days, that Princess did not. If I were to go back to Hawaii on a cruise, it wouldn't be on Princess, but they're the ones we picked for Alaska.
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My only complaint-as others have said was the coffee...In the dining room at night it was great, but the Horizon Court coffee was mud. Everything else as a True Princess Cruises addict is fabulous.


I must be crazy but my wife and I think their coffee is great.

It is a high quality coffee. If you are used to cheap store coffee than that could be the difference.

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yes Einstein.. you got that right.. those little bags of lipton tea are not good enough for a Brit ship.
They do have English Breakfast around, but you have to hunt for it.. most of the time you can find it down at that coffee bar..forgot the name of it.

But I just give in.. I bring my own :lol
And a tip.. for those that do like the strong Brit tea.. in a foriegn market type store here they carry a tea called 'Lifeboat Tea" it is put out by the lifeboat association in England, it is cheaper than the other Brit teas, and very good.
Einstein buys it by the case for me :grin

Also.. in a pinch.. I have tried the "British (or English) Blend " Lipton sold over here in the regular grocery stores.. and it is quite good..

Now as to any Brit ship calling tea "High tea" shame on them.. they should know better :grin