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Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by CRICKET, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. rocster

    rocster Guest

    <HTML>Rocster, my middle name is Rock, just thought Rocster sounded kinda cool, also a very good friend of mine used to call me that.
  2. CruzinJoan

    CruzinJoan Guest

    <HTML>Joan's my name and Cruzin's my game. Simple. End of story. :Dance</HTML>
  3. Toto

    Toto Guest

    <HTML>I chose mine because of my server and where I live. My server is OZ and it is amazing how many people ask me where I am from. Now, figure it out! Toto with a server by the name of OZ. Where would you think I would be from? But it is funny to hear peoples reaction when I make them guess. :lol
  4. CruzinJoan

    CruzinJoan Guest

    <HTML>How come I didn't get nuthin but ":dance"
    Wasn't ":dance" supposed to give me this real cool image in my message?</HTML>
  5. <HTML>KruzinKat down around Plymouth somewhere isn't it? Judy

  6. CruzinJoan

    CruzinJoan Guest

    <HTML>OK. Now I got the "cool images" in my message. But how come my name's not underlined like all the others? HELP!</HTML>
  7. bOB

    bOB Guest

    <HTML>Just my name............
    some people spell it backwards though.</HTML>
  8. Judi

    Judi Guest


    Come on, now! The news shows are reporting that most Americans don't even know how many states there are, let alone who is the Prez and Veep!

    Do you REALLLLLLY expect them to take the time to put yours together??!!?? :girly


    ~~~~~~~Judi in Hamilton NJ~~~~~~~
    Wishing you Blue Skies & Calm Seas!</HTML>
  9. <HTML>Joan did you register? I think that is what gives you the underline. Judy</HTML>
  10. Mofencer

    Mofencer Guest

    <HTML>Simple; I own a fence company in Missouri....Mofencer!!!

  11. surfergirl

    surfergirl Guest

    <HTML>One evening I wanted to ask a question-had no screen name. Since I had been on the board for several months surfing, surfergirl just popped into the old brain.

  12. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    <HTML>The underline of the name means you posted with your email in the email block</HTML>
  13. andrea

    andrea Guest

    <HTML>My name means I was totally uncreative when I started posting. I kinda wish I'd thought of something "cool" to use, but I guess it's kinda late to start using a totally new name.


  14. <HTML>I am Carol from NC :NC but now I live in Canada :CAN

    So there you have it!</HTML>
  15. jeffstern

    jeffstern Guest

    <HTML>OK, now, let's see if you can figure this out. It's a toughie... My name is Jeffrey Stern, and I live in Miami, so I use the screen name, "jeffstern." I know it's a little difficult to make the connection, but, once you get it, you'll understand :lol</HTML>
  16. jennifer

    jennifer Guest


    <HTML>OK, all of you with cool screen names. What do you think if those of us who were so totally uncreative as to use our names all of a sudden were to change our identity to something cool? Would you recognize us? Would you think we were someone new? Would you stop loving us? I thought a long time ago I should have used my email name, dezertcruzer, since I'm from the Arizona desert and I love to cruise. I just started out as jennifer, and now you all know me as jennifer. So, what do you think? If we tell you for while who we are when we post, will we maintain our idenities? Tell us, all you with cool screen names. Should we or shouldn't we?
  17. mariposa

    mariposa Guest

    <HTML>Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. To me it means new beginnings and has special personal meaning, having to do with a whole new chapter of my life with my Honey. Plus, I'm crazy for butterflies, especially blue ones.

    Mariposa :wave</HTML>
  18. jeffstern

    jeffstern Guest

    <HTML>Hey, sgrane... All I have to say to you is:

    RAID!!! :jump</HTML>
  19. tomc

    tomc Guest

    <HTML>Some days I'm not very imaginative. tom (first name), c (last name intial). I think it looks cool in lowercase. Sometimes people capitalize the "C" and that's badbadbad. My Hotmail address is even less imaginative: my name. You are dealing with a very dull person who once got a word added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.</HTML>
  20. seamom

    seamom Guest

    <HTML>Jennifer.........we'll take you as whatever you want to be.........this is a place of semi-anonymity............lol

    Were you around for the "Red Stripe" mystery where there was a cruise planned around the mystery of whether "Red" was a he or she.....complete with a huge unveiling the night before the cruise????? Lots of stories to go with that.

    So go ahead.........mess with our brains (or yours while you recreate) and add a dash of excitement.</HTML>

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