What exactly is Chankanaab Park



We're off on a cruise on May 24...Western Carribean....

I've heard many comments on this park....in Cozumel....I'm curios to what "exactly" it is....
is it like a discovery cove (seaworld)....or is like a zoo???
I hear of people snorkling here....is the snorkling better than that of the ocean??

We were planning on doing the sail, snorkle, and beach party excusion....should we change our plans....

any onfo would be great!


Chankanaab Park is a secluded area in Cozumel that offers different types of activities. These activities range from romantic nature walks through lush tropical paths, to snorkeling through many different areas in the laggoon, Dolphin Experiences, or just relaxing on the sandy beaches. There are also some cultural exhibits and an iguana habitat. There are restaurants, snack shops, etc. You can take a taxi from the cruise ship pier to the main entrance of the park. There is a nominal fee to enter and then the rest of the time is yours. Bypass the gift shops at the entrance, they are very expensive.

If you want to snorkle or dive, there are several stands that you can rent equipment from inside the park. We were there last year on a Century cruise and if it had not been rainning, would have had a great time.


Paradise 6/1


It is wonderful and the snorkeling was great!!!!! I really liked that you could enter from the beach. My kids had an awesome time and I felt very comfortable with them there. Entry fee is $10 / person US.Snorkling gear was less than $10 per person.

Hope you have a great time feel free to Email if you have any other questions.



Here is an extensive review of the park <a href=http://www.epinions.com/content_78375587460>Click here for review </a>
This is a photo of the park (I found all this with a google.com search forChankanaab Park)
<img src=http://www.cozguide.net/chankanaab.JPG>

Sounds like a great place to go and WAY less expensive than a ships excursion as long as you make it back to the ship on time.

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Chankanaab Park is my favorite place in Cozumel. We have gone there twice. We have done the dolphin swim and snorkeled there. The water was so crystal clear and the fish were so colorful it was just gorgeous! You'll have a great time there. Last time we were in Cozumel we tried Playa Sol beach for a change because we had heard good thing about it, but we prefer Chankanaab and will go back to Chankanaab next time we are in Cozumel.


We just went to Chankanaab Park 2 weeks ago via the Grand Princess. It is a very accessible park, you get off the ship, taxis are EVERYWHERE. It costs $10 each way to get there, and $10 per person for admission.

There is plenty to do at the park, there is a mayan ruin area, it's kinda like a maze, with statues everywhere, great place for taking pictures. (Remember to bring bug spray!!)

The area for snorkeling is great, although there is not A LOT of fishes, but there is enough for you to look at. Remember to bring water shoes if you have any, the steps into the water is a little slippery. The beach is also very nice, with lots of lounge chairs.

You will have lots of fun there!!!



Looks like all have already provided you with a good description of this location. It really does have alot to offer for a reasonable entry cost - far less than a scheduled excursion too. The snorkeling here was one of the best we've seen......we enjoyed it very much.

There was lots of colour last April when we were there and there were a couple of statues 25 feet down - one of the Virgin Mary........very neat site. Also, there are a couple of areas to enter the snorkeling area - one from a small beach and the other from some rocks directly into deep water. We were in awe for sure at this snorkel experience. Enjoy !


One more comment-t shirts were cheaper at the pier but sterling silver bracelets were $3 or $4 at the park gift shop just last Wed.


My mother and I went to Cozumel in January on the NCL Majesty, since we had never been there, and were totally turned off by the port you sail into, we took a cab to Chankanaab park. I must tell you it is the ideal setting for the "tropical" paradise!!!! They have sea lion shows, they have paths and trails, for nature, and ruins(all though the ruins are an exhibit not acutaul ruins) a lagoon, a small beach for kids, most of the water front is coral, although there is sand on the ground! Snorkeling, and they even have small cozy bars on the beach, in addition to staff that bring drinks to you!!!!! I tell you what, I wish we had national parks like that here in California!

You can see some picture in my gallery Norwegian Majesty 1/06/03 in the old gallery.

I can also send you some pictures that I did not post.

The ride to Chankanaab is pretty as well.

I feel it is a must do in Cozumel!!!

However, do it on your own, do not pay the crazy price the Cruise Line will charge.