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What if you cant pay the Sail n Sign

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by kahlua924, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. kahlua924

    kahlua924 Guest

    My husband spends money too quickly ! I am the responsible one. Problem is on board you dont pay each day for each drink etc. I am worried at the ned when we receive our sail n sign bill that we wont have any money left to pay... what happens????
  2. JudyKa

    JudyKa Guest

    Do you have a credit card to put your sign-and-sail card on? Works better that way. It also works well so you don't have to worry about money owed until you get home.....THEN you aren't on the ship in front of the pursor with the embarrassment of not having enough cash to finish out your bill. Good luck with with dh... On Carnival Conquest, you can check your account anytime you want to on the ship's channel on the t.v.
  3. Helen233

    Helen233 Guest

    they attach either a credit card to it or you have to put money down on the card. There is no way they are not going to get their money and that is how they do it.

    and the tips go on the card as well
  4. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    Did you ever hear of the "Kingston Trio"?

    They have a song called "Charlie and the MTA"

    He went on the Boston Mass Transit Authority train and had to pay a fee to get off but didn't have the money so he had to continue riding forever.

    So, if you can't pay for your sail and sign account, you are forced to cruise forever and ever.

    It would be a living hell! Cruising for life!
  5. Petert

    Petert Guest

    If you use a charge card to activate your sign and sail card the cruise line will automatically block an amount on your card, based on the length of your cruise, that they estimate will cover your expenditures. If you make a cash deposit they will request addition funds if you excede the amount of the deposit. To track your expenditures you can check with the purser's (customer relations) office at any time. Cruise lines have had a lot of experience with big spenders, and they want to be sure they are compensated before a passenger disembarks. Relax and enjoy your cruise, you can be sure you will get enough to eat in any case.

  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    Buy him drink coupons and tell him thats his limit for the week.

    or place down cash only. When it gets low you ill get a note in your cabin to state that its low. If no more money gets placed on it then the card is suspended for spending.
  7. kahlua924

    kahlua924 Guest

    Thank u all so much. Sodey I love that idea to cruise for life.
    Peter thats a good suggestion too.
    Serene - drink coupons... greta idea but what is it??? Is it more money that way? What about gambling ?
  8. kernfam01

    kernfam01 Guest

    The drink coupons are like gift certificates that you can use on board to buy drinks. You can buy them ahead of time on the Carnival website. Also, if I remember correctly, it is actually better, and saves you $$ to buy these, but I can't remember why. Something to do with the tip, I'm sure. I know what you mean about having this worry. We are stretching ourselves thin just to afford to cruise, and I am also worried about how quick the $$ will go when we get on board. We have been asking for carnival cash/drink coupons for our b days and x mas.
  9. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    never thought about it but its a good point to bring up. Here are the guidelines that I would follow every time I'd take a 7day cruise , that way I never ran into this situation :

    $100 per day to spend on yourself
    $20 per day to spend on others

    So for example , if you want to drink , know that its around $5 per drink , so if you've had 20 drinks in the day , you know its time to stop! (but I feel compelled to mention , if you've had 20 drinks you should be dubbed a raging alcoholic for being observant enough to count each drink you've had.)
  10. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest


    I worried about this as well.

    You can continually check your balance on your room television. You just use the remote control to activate your room information, and the balance will appear on the screen - really cool option to follow your account. We had a tight budget, so I kept track every evening of what we spent.

    You can also (if he really is bad! LOL), allow only your card to be used for spending. We only activated my and my husband's card, our daughter is too young for spending, so her card was unactivated.

    Good Luck ~ I think the drink coupons are great too.

    Have fun!!
  11. kahlua924

    kahlua924 Guest

    Thank you kernfam! I will look into it.
  12. kahlua924

    kahlua924 Guest

    Another idea... can i just bring a magnet and de-magnetize it! lololol
  13. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    gee.. maybe you should leave some of these folks at home and take a friend instead?

  14. pnorth

    pnorth Guest

    The drink coupons cost more than a drink on the ship. I found out the hard way. I finished using my coupons and noticed that the drink price including the tip was only 3.44 while the coupon cost 4.95 including the tip and you cannot use them to purchase speciality drinks in the glass.
  15. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    There is no way to charge up a bill and not pay. They will cut off your charge account onboard if there is no money in it and will not let you charge over the amount you have put down. You either give them a cash deposit and once that runs out you either give them more or you can not charge anymore.The other way is a charge card, and they hold a certain amount each day and check your available balance daily, if there is no money available on your charge card they will not let you charge anymore. It is all done by computer and is instanly recorded to your account so you won't have to worry about hubby over spending. Because they won't allow it.

    SMASHROX` Guest


    It sounds like you were getting the cheaper drinks like your well liquors and beers. They are always cheaper, and you do lose money using the coupons on those, and Carnival banks on this when they sell them. However, I'm surprised you couldn't use them to get a souvenir cup. Normally, you can get any drink with the coupon (up to $4.95 before tip), but if you go over, you only pay the difference. So at the very least, maybe you pay an extra $2 out of pocket, but at least you have something to show for it! Depending on your waitstaff, even if you go a little over (say a drink costing $5.50), sometimes they'll let the difference slide.
  17. Savannah

    Savannah Guest

    Wouldn't it be great if you could just delete your bill and start over?
  18. kahlua924

    kahlua924 Guest

    Ok now I am confused. Explain to me .. can u get a frozen/liquor drink with the coupon or only beer? I drink liquro. DH drinks BEER. Coupons sound good for me! I will have to bring my own I guess and 5 small pints should do for the whole week! I wish I can get a souveneir on the coupons and pay the difference on my S&S. As far as beer, I don tsee that he would go over - just maybe climb up a little high. I figure (hopefully) not more than 6 beers a day. Over 7 days $280. Hmm.. sounds like a lot for only HIM though. He will have to drink ever OTHER day or half as much for the whole cruise! Typically he is not a drinker.
  19. kdlisa1469

    kdlisa1469 Guest

    We brought our own bottled water(which tasted much better than that desalinated ships water, yuk) and DR. PEPPERS for me and Diet Coke for hubby. Saved us a ton of $$$ and wasn't any trouble to carry, just put them in my rolling cooler and on board I went.
  20. oscarsat

    oscarsat Guest

    The easiest way is to just attach your account to your credit card. If your unable to do this then just bring cash and set up your account through the Pursor's desk. Trust me you'll not be allowed to exceed your cash/credit limit.

    As far as cruising for life, Yeah bummer I'm sure.

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