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what is a 2A category

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Marcy, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Marcy

    Marcy Guest

    Hi i wnated to know whats the difference between the 2A , 2B , AND 2C categories on the constellation ? Im in the 2A

    I would also like to know if any of you ahd ever been on a x-mas cruise? whats it like? and are most people adults or younger?
  2. mads1989

    mads1989 Guest

    2A staterooms are more towards the front and back of the ship.
    2B and 2C have staterooms that are more mid ship.
    Other than that they are the same cabins.

    Many people prefer to be mid ship because you do not feel the movement of the ship as much.

    As for a Christmas sailing, I would have to guess that there will be alot of families at that time since there is no school.
  3. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    We had a Cat. 2A assigned cabin with a balcony, that was in a perfect location on the Penthouse deck just around the corner from the forward elevator bank. We were before the Tenders and had no obstructions. It was only a few decks above those used for disembarkation and one or two decks above the main dining room. Very convenient.
    Bon Voyage
  4. Marcy

    Marcy Guest

    Thanx , the thing i sthat im staying with two other people and we dont want to make the sofa into a bed so is it big enough for people te sleep in unfolded? thanx
  5. Mary El

    Mary El Guest

    The sofa only sits two people. So no one will be able to sleep on it unless it's unfolded. In my opinion a 2A is going to rather small for three adults.
  6. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon Guest

    You don't have to make up the sofa, the Steward does it all for you, and changes it back while you are at breakfast.

  7. glanders

    glanders Guest

    The 2A will be tight for 3 people; however, a Sky Suite would be perfect. Check out the concierge desk when you get onboard to see about an upgrade (about $300) though at Christmas, it may not be possible.
  8. aimee

    aimee Guest

    Is it really small? because ill be be staying with two other people but my sister will be staying with THREE other cousins in the sky deck in a 2a category...
  9. Tight is a matter of what you are used to. I have seen many families of 4 enjoy cabins that some of us would go crazy in. The biggest concern to me would be 3 or 4 getting ready for dinner or whatever in such close quarters. My 2 daughters and I did 3 in a cabin on Carnival a few years ago; did fine, just had to plan very carefully when it was time to shower, put on makeup or whatever.


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