What is "Category FF"



We reserved late (about three weeks ago) for the Oct 12 CW sailing of the Grand. We paid for and have been given a guarantee of outside cabin obstructed view but my GF is getting antsy about what our cabin assignment will be. She has sailed four times on Carnival previously and always had a cabin assignment well in advance. I told her that (according to what I've read in this forum) Princess sometimes assigns cabin very late but we could conceivably get an upgrade if one is available. She's still anxious and wants to know at least which deck we'll be on.

Is it possible to determine this from the info we've been given thus far?


Most of the time I've reserved with a guarantee, I've been upgraded so don't worry about it. Once I had booked a very inexpensive inside cabin on Princess, not "guaranteed", and filled out luggage tags, etc. When I got to the pier, they upgraded me to a suite! Have no idea why but it sure was nice! Probably the suite hadn't been sold and they just wanted to fill it. I was surprised because I was traveling alone - sure looked like a rich woman of mystery when people found out I could "afford" a suite!

Don't worry about it - the worst you can do is get the cabin you paid for - and that's fine too. Since the date is fast approaching, just hope no one else can book last minute and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Bon Voyage!


Okay thanks. Soooo.... I assume there are outside cabins with obstructed view on more than one level? I'm not particularly concerned about any of it and don't care whether I find out our cabin assignment in advance but she seems nervous about it for some reason (the reason simply being that it's "different" than her previous experiences).


If you've got an FF guarantee, that means at a minimum you'll have the Emerald Deck with a fully obstructed view. The only other obstructed view above FF is a partially obstructed view -- Cat E, also on the Emerald Deck. On the Grand, the Emerald Deck is the only deck with obstructed views. If you get upgraded further, an unobstructed outside cabin could actually send you down 3 decks to Plaza. Other than that, your upgrades would be all uphill from the Emerald Deck. I pasted below, a response from an old post I wrote with my experience on obstructed view cabins.


The obstructed view is as a result of something hanging in front of your window - usually a lifeboat. In the case of E407, I believe it is a partially obstructed view. There doesn't appear to be a lifeboat hanging directly in front of that window, which means the partial obstruction is likely from some of the lifeboat related stuff such as davits, platforms, catwalks, etc.

If you're interest in the outside cabin is for the view, then you should move because the panorama will be significantly restricted both left & right as well as down (you look down at the promenade deck). If you're just interested in the sunlight and knowing what the weather is, then keep it for the money you're saving.

I often book the obstructed view cabins to save on the fare, since I just like to have the light coming in. If I want to look around I usually go outside anyway, unless I've booked a balcony cabin.

Have fun! We've enjoyed the Grand every time.