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What is FREESTYLE DISEMBARKATION and how is it different?



On the MONARCH, it was out the cabin door early, wait around anywhere you could for your color tag to be called, then head for the gangplank.

On the INFINITY, it was out the cabin door early, head to the showroom and wait for your color to be called, then head for the gangplank.



If I recall right, you do not have to leave your cabin until it is time to leave the ship. Sorry, but I am at work right now and don't have my cruise ticket with me. I can check when I get home. Othewise, I'll know for sure on Oct 16, since that is when I disembark the NCL Star.

Don Clark

Freestyle Disembarkation on NCL means several things.

First, you're not required to muster anywhere before leaving the ship, unless you're carrying a foreign passport. They have to muster and meet with Customs. You can stay in your stateroom until your color is called.
Yes, color. Every deck, or group of decks, is assigned a color for departure. Usually, the first color called is the top deck, and the last color called is the lowest deck. There are exceptions, those booking a port tour will get an early color, as those booked with early departing flights home. Once your color is called, you make your way to the quarterdeck and gangplank to depart.
Last, if you're planning to carry all your luggage off the ship yourselves, not taking advange of the stewards wiith cnecked bags taking your luggage to the pier, you get to depart as soon as Custom clears the ship.

If you travel light, you don't even have to wait for your color to be called.


That's a little different than. I'm looking forward to my 2 day Cruise to Nowhere on the Spirit in about 3 weeks. It will be nice to get away for a weekend, and fun to explore a new ship. Thanks Cruizer and Don.


It looks like you have your answers, as you will be doing a 2 dayer I would think you can just carry on your luggage and that way speed up your debarkation. We just did our 10 dayer across the Atantic. We were able to go to the dining room for a relaxed breakfast or we could have chosen the buffet. We then went back to our cabin and watched some TV until out tag color was called. We disembarked in just a couple of minutes, our luggage was easy to spot and away we went. This has to be one of the best ideas NCL has come up with. I don't know why other lines haven't jumped on this. Our first experience with freestyle debarkation was about 4 years ago; I would have assumed by now all lines would be using it. NMNita