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What is that space - -


Oscar Slaughter

at the back of the ship on the outside on the Ruby and some other Princess ships? On several decks ( see Aloha - Ruby) the hall goes back and then makes a 90 degree turn. At the end of the turn ( NOT A CABIN ENTRY ) is a door way to what looks like a balcony. Have any of you gone there? The outside of the ship looks like it is a solid area - not a balcony.

It is driving me crazy trying to figure it out. Please help!!!


If it is the door I am thinking of, it is an emergency stairwell. If you are in one of the rear cabins, you will get to use it on your way to your muster station in Club Fusion during fire drill.

Cruise cutie

=yeah on the Emerald Princess ( Ruby's sister ship).. this past February that's exactly the space....
we had an Aft Balcony Cabin.. and they had us use this at the drill.:daisy....Joanne


We just sailed the Star Princess May 10, and had an AFT Balcony Cabin, and that is the door we used for the drill.

Oscar Slaughter

O.K. Well, never would have thought about that. I had just about decided it was a crew door to some mysterious area.

Thanks guys.