What is the CONNECT @ SEA kit ...



... that Celebrity will rent you so that you can connect from your cabin??? Is this something I can bring with me?


Have never used one but my understanding is that Celebrity's in cabin connection
is a modem connection. Thus it probably connects to the internet providers telephone
satellite system so it would be likely that it would be enough equipment to connect
to their system from an RJ11 port on you laptop.
If you are serious about travel connection, if your laptop is not internally equiped with
an RJ45 network port and an RJ11 modem port you should carry a pcm network card
and a pcm modem card with you, PLUS nowdays the ever handy wireless pcm card
if one is not built into your laptop. That way you can always get a connection one way
or the other.


bOB, as you are painfully aware, I'm not real computer savvy, but hubby has a laptop with a wireless modem in it.. he says basically, if his cell phone can get a signal, he can too. But I'll forward him your response, I know he'll know what it all means! LOL!