What is the food like?



Can anyone give me examples of what kinds of food they serve in the formal DR? Do they have a kids menu? If so, what's usually on it? THANKS!


From Celebrity's Website:

Morning may bring breakfast for two on your private veranda, with just-baked pastries and seasonal berries. In the afternoon you can savor the views along with delicate finger sandwiches at our Elegant Tea. And on special nights, our Gourmet Bites include mini-beef Wellingtons and crisp tempura hand-carried and served by waiters throughout the ship. Our award-winning cuisine reflects our dedication to fresh, exquisitely prepared gourmet cuisine. Under the guidance of Master Chef Michel Roux, our culinary delights are made from scratch and seasoned with fresh herbs.

Best food I've had on a ship was on Celebrity Infinity.

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In Dr there are about 5 entre's
Beef fish pasta another meat and something else
preceeded by 2/3 choices of soup
2/3 choices of salad

Deserts to die for
I am not aware of a kids menu.

foods great.


Hi Hedy,

You can find menus from Celebrity dining rooms at www.cruiseclues.com. All Celebrity cruise ships will have similar menus, so you can check the menu from any of thier ships. I would say the food is from very good to excellent, and you will have a very large variety to select from. While I do not remember a childrens menu, you can be assured your waiter will work with you to keep the kids fed and happy.




The main menu's have already been addressed by the previous responses, so I'll address the Kids menu. We have sailed Celebrity 3 times with our daughter. Our most recent cruise was on the Century this past July. Kids are given the option of ordering from both the regular menu as well as the Kids menu or both menu's if they choose. The kids menu has the same number of courses as the "Adult" menu. Off the top of my head, here's some of what's offered:
Appetizers - Shrimp Cocktail, Fruit Plate.
Salad - Tossed,
Soup - Chicken Noodle, Tomato
Entree - Chicken Nuggets, Hamburger, Hot Dog, broiled fish or chicken
Dessert - Ice cream Sunday, Assorted cookies
The menu changes every day for the kids just like it does for the adults. A few years ago one of the adults at our table found the Kids menu to be more to his tastes, so he ordered off of both menu's. Also remember, you can always get shrimp cocktail & ceasar salad even if not on the menu along with some additional items that may not be on the menu. This last cruise our waiter informed us that the chef had prepared some salmon that was not on the menu, I gave it a try and must say that it was the best salmon I have ever eaten. You will not be disappointed with the food on Celebrity. If you are cruising on one of the Millennium class ships, you must try the specialty restaurant (no kids allowed).

Have a great cruise.


I'm cruising on Millenium in June 2005 - first time cruiser! I have a (probably stupid) question - what meals are included, and what we pay for..., where we can eat that's included, where we have to pay (room service extra? buffet, etc.?)


Hi Jenny,

You are going to be pleasantly surprised with the quality and quantity of food on the Millennium. Your fare includes all your meals in the dining room, the buffet, room service, sushi bar, pizza/hamburger venue and the evening snacks. The Olympic dining room offers a very upscale continental dinner option that costs $30.00 per person, but this is the only place you can spend money for meals. Your choices for dining vary from formal to casual, from sophisticated cuisine to fast food options. Free ice cream and free pastries in the Cova lounge are available. Service is excellent and very thoughtful of your comfort and enjoyment. Room service has varied menus, with timely service. You may wish to tip the room service waiter a dollar or two per service as this service is not provided by your room steward or dining room staff.

Entertainment is usually very good to excellent, and you will find live music at a number of locations throughout the day and evening. There is a movie theater with recently released movies and many other forms of entertainment. The Millennium is a beautiful and very comfortable ship, and a great choice for your first cruise. Have a great cruise!