What is your favorite thing to do in Aruba?



great question, now here's the problem. There are a slew of really cool things to see, which you can really only do for 30 minutes each, then you're done.

So my answer, and I justify this by telling you we're doing it again in April, is renting the jeep, as I say in all the Aruba threads.

For $140 bucks four people can see baby beach and snorkle, see the natural pool, the natural bridge, take a fabulous 2 hour tour through the eastern desert, with the ocean as a back drop. Head back west to divi divi, eagle then palm beach, head north west to the light house and come back in time to shop on the strip and eat dinner at mambo jambo's, or the frozen lizard place two doors down. Then if you're on CCL, you have time to change and go back out and do the night life, after dropping off the jeep.

so renting a jeep and doing IT ALL, is my favorite!! Too much to do, too little time


Cruise cutie

I am a Aruba lover 'cause our 2 week every other year timeshare ruins us!!!..we have ONE DAY as our last port call in February on our back to back...we are going to rent a car and do it all as Nimbex stated....Good luck..we =love Baby Beach best then hit all the rest..have fun!!.......Whoo HOO Aruba..by the way..the Island drink...Aruba Arriva- Yummo!!...:cheers........=gulp..:thumb....:)..Joanne.