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what is your next cruise?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by liberty925, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. liberty925

    liberty925 Guest

    I'm going on the miracle on 8/21/04

    Carnival Miracle 8/04
    Carnival Legend 8/03
    Carnival Pride 8/02
    Carnival Inspiration 8/01

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  2. lunyma

    lunyma Guest

    WOW! you have a long time to wait. i'm goin on the Serenade in 18 days (just a 2 night cruise to nowhere), and then, the Grand Princess, for a week , in 35 days...
  3. randk

    randk Guest

    Macrch 2004 Conquest

    March of 2005 Legend to belize, costa rica and Panama.

    No idea as of yet for 2006 but leaning to Alaska.

    Any ideas?
  4. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Celebrity Millennium, Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale. Departs October 26. Just two weeks and will be sailing away from Barcelona.

  5. TinytotRN

    TinytotRN Guest

    September 12,2004--Legend out of NYC --AGAIN!!--went on the 5/13/03 sailing. Love not having to pay air fare. Will be celebrating the Big 50!!! (Or drowning my sorrows, depending on what the hormone levels are at that time :). )
  6. snowball

    snowball Guest

    I will be cruising on the Miracle on May 9, 2004, and I can't wait! :)
  7. makeda

    makeda Guest

    legend 11/29/03...belize, limon, colon!
  8. Shannon

    Shannon Guest

    I'll be on the Destiny Nov 30, 2003. I can not wait!

    Thinking about switching things up for next year-maybe the Grand Princess out of TX? I wish I could do more than one cruise a year. There are so many cruises that I want to be on. Take care, Shannon
  9. Eoconnor

    Eoconnor Guest

    Fascination 11/03/2003
  10. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    We will sail on the Conquest out of New Orleans on 10/26/2003 and
    Celebrity's Millennium on 2/22/2004 with the Grand children.
  11. maw

    maw Guest

    Wwe will be cruisihng on the Spirit April30, 2004. Honolulu to Vancouver 12 days
  12. Cruzmama59

    Cruzmama59 Guest

    Spirit (again went in Dec.2001)
    Leaving on Dec. 17-25
    9 more week to go.

  13. anna

    anna Guest

    One month from tomorrow I'll be on the Enchantment of the Seas with 9 of my closest friends. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!11
  14. cleighbee

    cleighbee Guest

    January 4, 2004 on the Victory. New Years can't come soon enough!!
  15. snowball

    snowball Guest

    I just booked another one - Legend cruise to nowhere 10/22/04! I can't believe I have two cruises booked at the same time. :)
  16. pattybuff

    pattybuff Guest

    We will be on the Conquest 1/18/2004. Can't wait!!

    I think we may be one of the few on this one!! haha!
  17. sunrise812

    sunrise812 Guest

    My DH and 3 kids will be ringing in the New Year on the Triumph 12/27/03. Anyone else??
  18. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Grandeur of the Seas 12/13/2003. Then a Spring break cruise on the Nordic Empress 3/27/2004.
  19. lvjtnb

    lvjtnb Guest

    My husband, my 2 daughters age 8 and 11 and I will be going for winter break on
    the celebration Feb 9th. They're excited our cruise in Feb of last year was cancelled by carnival so they could give the celebration an overhall.
  20. Jamman

    Jamman Guest

    Carnival Legend from NYC on 7/2/04!!

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