What kind of weather in Jan. on Mexican Riviera?



Hello everyone! We have just booked our 2nd cruise, and our first with Princess. We are plannng on taking the Mexican Riviera trip on Jan 20, 2007. I am wondering what kind of weather to expect. Has anyone taken this trip close to this time of the year? Will it be warm enough to swim onboard in the outdoor pools or lay out in the sun? Porting from LA should be cool but hoping the at sea weather will be nice and sunny and warm.
Any feedback would be great!

Frank Black

I have dome it several times in January. I was just on las Dec. 17th Sapphire. It is always cold the first day you leave California and the last day home. Other than that. lovely warm, sunny weather.

Lady Jag

Once you get past Ensenada, it gets a little warmer and then once past Cabo, it gets even warmer.

The seas & rain off the coast of California are hard to predict in Jan. We either have gorgeous, dry sunny weather it seems or rain for a couple days and then it's back to dry & sunny. :)

Frank's right about the cold though - the first day to day and a half and the last day to day and a half are usually cold...well, "cold" to those of us in Southern Calfiornia! :lol


Did the Mexican Riviera on the Mercury out of San Diego on Jan 2. San Diego was cool and rainy, 1st day was a bit cool and cloudy but as we progressed south it warmed up. Acapulco it was HOT!


Temps should be in the 70's to 80's.... I will say that the water temp is cold for snorkeling after November though... we sailed in March last year and it was around 70 degrees in Cabo, our kids lasted about 15 minutes... we were O.K... but it was much warmer in October.....

Lady Jag

Wow, Qcruiser! That's about how long we lasted in the water in Cabo in April. Never been in water that cold in my life. =eek =eek


First cruise was to the MR in late January (1994). I echo what everyone else said. Cool 60ish the first day and last day out of San Pedro. Bring your umbrella as that's during our rainy season (yes, we have one here even though this year has been dry -- except right at this moment it is pouring in LA).:wave