What nights are formal nights?



My wife and I sailing on the Constellation on 2/21/04 and we want to pre-book our dinner in the specialty dinning room. How do we find out what nights are formal on the ship?

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I am assuming this is a 7 night cruise!! My wife and I were on the Constellation last February, and we are going on the Millennium on 2/22/04. Typically, the nights run like this: First night(night of arrival) Casual
Second night Formal
Third night Informal
Fourth night Casual
Fifth night Informal
Sixth night Formal
Seventh night Casual

At least thats the way it was on our last cruise and will be on our upcoming cruise. I just asked our travel agent and she called to confirm the dress nights. Hope this helps!


I agree with previous poster. That is the usual format for a seven nighter. Absent a copy of the ship's schedule, on longer cruises you can usually depend on the formal nights being the same as "at sea" days. This gives folks a chance to primp (and visit that beauty salon!). This is a good question. You should be able to find out for certain, but I don't know whom you'd contact.