what phone card work in Caribbean ?



will be going on the sea princess next week, what phone card should I get
that will work in these ports ?
San Juan, Puerto Rico , Barbados , St. Lucia , St. Maarten,
Netherlands Antilles , Tortola, British V.I. , & St. Thomas, US Virgin

last year we had problems with the ATT card in Barbados and Tortola.
would like to buy the card before we leave

thanks BobG


We just bought the AT&T card at Sam's Club - great rates. They do work in St Martin and St Thomas - is the same rate as the states 3.47 per minute. In St Martin it's a special access number and they charge your card 12 mins for every one min. talked.
I would think that SanJuan is probably the same as St Thomas, however, you should call At &t to get the updated info.

Here's the number 1-888-854-6740 they can give you access number's and rates for each port you'll be calling from.

I have also checked and some cell phones work from certain area's of the Caribbean as well. I know Spring works in the Virgin Islands and is the same rates as calling in the states.
hope this helps
The calling card also has a 9 min surcharge if you use a pay phone.

I just noticed that they have a web site

Sheila Gunnels

I was in Mexico in September and Jamiaca and neither would exepct our phone card. Someone in Mexico told us the goverment controls there phone lines so the don't allow phone cards I guess they are just trying to make a buck. I would check with the islands you are going to to see who controls there phone lines.

Bill White

I still have an ATT card with 500 minutes on it. I bought it two years ago for our Western Caribbean cruis. Even though I called ATT before we left and got instructions on how to use it, it did not work in any of the ports. (Jamiaca and Cozumel)

My experience was that it did not work... Save you money for a couple of ship-to-shore calls or just email from the ship.