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What room to take

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Whiteseven, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. Whiteseven

    Whiteseven Guest

    I am planning my first cruise in Feb..Now the big question...Which room do I take?? I am going with the Millenium I am debating either the 2C or the 1A that offers extras. Can you let me know if it pays to pay extra for this upgrade??
  2. BP

    BP Guest

    We prefer 1B. Well below the overhang below 1A and larger then 2C. We like 8124 as it is not far from the steps or elevator to the self serve dining or the regular redtaurant and near the glass elevators to the entertainment decks.
  3. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    THE CONCIERGE CABINS...are fantastic. The overhang is no big deal and the extras are well worth the small increase in price. GO FOR IT!!!

  4. jjssitters

    jjssitters Guest

    the cc cabins are fantastic and not that much more , you are on vacation so its really nice to be cater to.and dont listen to anyone about the overhang its great ,shade and no rain if the weather is bad,we loved it and I will never book anything else we are so spoiled....most people that talk about the overhang never stayed in one,we also have no noise ,we were in 9126,and at no time did we feel like we were in a cave because of the overhang,we always had a nice bright room ....go for it you only live once you will love it
  5. BP

    BP Guest

    Perhaps people who love the overhang have never stayed in a cabin that is the same size but one level below without the overhang above your head.

    The deck 9 cabins were the last to sell out in the past hence the reason Celebrity has made them a concierge level . A few small perks for $100 per person more is
    great marketing.
  6. jjssitters

    jjssitters Guest

    I piad 25.00 more than the 1b and I have stay in a balcony below with no over hang I perfer the cc I am on another message board and from what I see the old 1a now cc has a bad rap that started with a thread from someone who never stayed in one,I know we all like different things in life but I am glad that I followed my own instinct when booking a cc or I would have missed out , and I wish that before I went someone had told me it was nice then I wouldnt have been stressed till I got on board lol,more people are coming back from thier cruises now that have stay in the cc cabins and I have not heard one negative

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