what ship/cruiseline to take w/ 10 yr old



My husband and I are wanting to take our 10 year old daughter on a cruise. Any suggestions for a ship or cruise line. Prefer Carribean, looking at March 2004. I know....but I like to plan ahead so I know how much to save!!
Thanks :)


Our 10 and 12 year olds have been on two Carnival cruises with us and LOVED both!!!!!There were quite a few kids on both ships and plenty for them to do.

I think next time though we will try one of the Royal Carribean with the rock walls and ice rinks have friends who have done these ships and loved them as well.

Have a great time!!!!


steven johnson

we took our 9 year old on the pride last year and she loved it . we are planning to do the voyager in 2004 she will be 11 then. she picked it out herself. researched it on the various sites. look around alot before you decide.


we took our son on Disney for his 11th birthday and his first cruise. We ALL enjoyed it very much!

Jan Marie

We have only been on two cruises. Disney and Carnival. We did not take little kids either time. But the best for kids is definitely Disney. They offer so much for kids and families. The whole 5th deck is for kids club. There is also a movie theatre fo you to see movies on the ship. You rotate dining rooms everynight for three different dining roomsso the kids get to see new exciting dinig rooms . They also include a character meal for breakfast atleast once for everyone on each cruise. The staff were very friendly to the kids. Th kids got to participate in the final show on the ship. They offer special now on alot of cruises.
When we went on Fantasy most of the time people were staggering around with a drink in there hands. One man had to ask his little boy(about 10 years old) to help him to his room , because he was so drunk hecould not find it We felt like Carnval was more for partiers of the bars. They cosed the pools and hottubs early in the evening to get you to go inside and spend money at the bars and casinos.
The Disney is a great , fun cruise for the whole family. Also the cabin sizes are much larger than on the other cruise ships. Enjoy your cruise.

Laurie Caron

We have been on 4 cruises with our children. Royal Caribbean all the way for us!!! The children are 6 and 9. We just came back from the Explorer for the 2nd time. Happy Sailing. Laurie


Try an RCI Voyager class ship. The whole family will absolutely love it. Rock climbing walls, ice skating rink, mini golf, roller blading track, the Royal Promenade, the best kids program afloat, and so much more!


If you don't want to do Disney, the next best cruise line would be Carnival. They have a program called Camp Canival and it seems the kids of all ages love it. We were on the several Carnival ships but the Victory seemed to have the largest group of Camp Carnival and they were always busy. Royal Caribbean's Voyager might be another good one to check out. Have fun!


Carnival is great for kids -- very family oriented, as is Royal Caribbean. We've done several cruises with both lines and have enjoyed them all.


Been on Carnival, Royal Carribean, and Princess ... some several times over. Definately, without a doubt, CARNIVAL. While others may be more elaborate in one way or another, Carnival makes a great statement in being youth and young adult oriented from the get go. For the money to value ratio, and a first time experience, you won't go wrong. If she likes it's, and has no seasickness, you can always go from there in the future. Good Luck and Happy Travels!


Our vote is with Royal Caribbean. Our kids absolutely loved it!! We went to Disney World, and they enjoyed the cruise so much more.



We have only been on one cruise - Carnival Inspiration when it sailed from New Orleans. Our 8 yr. old son loved it !!! He made friends his age, loved the water slide, the 24 hr. pizza, and the 24 hr. soft serve ice cream. He knew the ship better than we did. Also, we got him a soda card the first day.


RCCL or Carnival. On RCCL I would go on the Voyager class ships and Carnival on the newer ships. You can't go wrong either way. We have used both childrens programs and both are great. Very good with kids, lots to do, go to the orientation they have when you first get onboard, it is usually that afternoon you will learn alot :thumb

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