What the best cruise for Oasis of the Seas?Western or Eastern?

Im planning on going on a cruise on the Oasis of the Seas. However, I have seen debate about going on the Eastern or Western cruises. This will be my first cruise, so I have no idea which would be the best.:thankyou:


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While neither itinerary really excites me that much, I love Costa Maya and Cozumel the best. St Thomas and St Maarten are nice too but I like the Western Caribbean. I would prefer Labadee to Nassau too.

In reality the Oasis of the Seas is a destination in its own right. :spyglass:
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:sunny: I agree with the above poster. Have been to St. Thomas, San Juan, and Nassau. The only one we semi liked was St. Thomas. Labadee is wonderful!! We have been there a couple of times. We are booked next year on the Oasis for the Western Itinerary and are very excited to go to the new destinations. Which ever one you choose, you will still have a wonderful time. Good Luck:sunny:


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Welcome to Cruise @ddicts.

I very much agree with the other posters that Oasis is a destination unto itself and you could easily spend the entire week exploring her. However, in simplistic terms, Eastern Caribbean is preferred by shoppers and beach lovers while Western Caribbean is preferred by what I call "human fish" - those who love to snorkel, SCUBA, etc., visit beaches and visit ancient ruins.

Whatever you decide, have a great cruise!