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What to do - Castries, St Lucia , Bridgetown, Barbados

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Cruiser51, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Cruiser51

    Cruiser51 Guest

    These are two places we'll visit on our cruise with two teenage daughters. Others are St Thomas, St Croix and St Johns, Antigua. We're not big on crowded tours, dirty beaches with lots of vendors, or not being able to leave when you want to. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. JohnG

    JohnG Guest

    In Bridgetown you can take a taxi to The Boatyard. It is a beach resort on the water, near downtown, with a rock climb and a trampoline in the water. They have a restaurant, bar and a shop, showers, etc. Drinks are $2 for beer and $3 for rum punch. Clean, no vendors.
  3. 1st cruise this past summer on RC - Adventure. Did the same ports. In St. Lucia immediately off the ship there are tours. Nice Air conditioned buses and they do a Coca Plantation, Twin Pitons, Waterfall in rainforest, and the volcano. Definitely take a camera and bathing suit to go into the waterfall. Smell at the volcano is something. Pitons are not done justice by there pictures. Tour will even stop if you want your picture with a boa. One note. at all the overlooks there are vendors. Most places have a marshal, he is usually in the back, he directs each guy selling trinkets to who they are allowed to sell to. Do not be intemidated, they are pushy but under control. Just remember this is how they make there living. Prices will get a bit cheaper away from Castries. They drive is well worth it lots of switchbacks into the mountains, etc. LOVE St. Lucia.

    Barbadoes we had a friend guide us so we say alot, but a definite is the Lighthouse, and the church on the hill, wish I could remember the name. Lighthouse is a site to see. We did do the caverns, neat but not in MY opinion a neccesity. Im an outdoors person anyway.

    Hope my spelling isnt to bad.

    The Two of the best Islands on your trip!!

    email if you would like more info.
  4. We will be in Barbados Wed, the 15th and booked with Glory tours. We will have an opportunity to see almost everything we wanted and have lunch as well. The tour lasts about 5 or 6 hours; includes the wild animal reserve which sounds great. Entire tour including lunch is $46.00. Will let everyone know how we make out upon our return.
  5. I saw the Glory tour, but price was $70 US per adult. Where did you get the $46 rate?
  6. Patricia, we emailed them, got Sarah, who I believe is the owner. We are doing the caves, lunch and the Wildlike reserve. At first she said $56.00 but that was buffet lunch, we settled for reg lunch including Chicken or Fish, salad, veggies, drink and dessert. If you want the direct email address in case you had something else let me know. You can email me directly if you like.
  7. Thanks! I'll contact direct & see if they can set up something to fit our specific needs. We have 8 people & want to do everything, but can't! I'm hoping to do a snorkel trip with the turtles in the morning then see the caves in the afternoon - and make it back to the ship by 5:30!

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