What to do in Alaska



My wife and I have a roundtrip cruise to Alaska out of Seattle in June. I was wondering what are some of the better excursions to do in the following towns. Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. We are both in our early fifties and biking and hiking is not a favorite. Someone mentioned a brewery tour in Juneau, does anyone know anything about that? Also there is a White Pass Scenic Railway in Skagway. Is that any good? Can anyone tell me if there are any whale sightings on the way to Juneau on the first and second day and if so, on what side of the ship would they be on?

Thanks - Jerry


jerry-congrats on your cruise.

first of all know one will ever know what side of the ship you might sight a whale. they will be around but are very unpredictable. sightings from the ship do happen but they dont happen that often and it is over in a matter of seconds. so for each of your ports here are some suggestions=========

juneau--a whale watching tour in my opinion is a must. either with the ship or an independent co. capt larry is the best but he books very early www.orcaenterprises.com the tram is right by the ships where they dock. also in juneau is the mendanhall glacier. right on the dock are blue buses that will take you there for $10 roundtrip. get on and off at will. helicoptor rides too the glaciers are famous here as well. there also is the brewery==www.alaskanbrewerycompany.com. ( i hope that is the right address). i think the tour is free.

ketchikan is popular for floatplane trips to the fjords. also that is where the totom poles are --saxman village and totom bite park. kayaking and fishing is popular also along with just going a few blocks from the ship and walking on creek street. interesting spot and good shopping. bear tours are popular here too.

skagway--the white pass railway train ride. you can get a pass at skagway or get a tour on the ship for the trip. gold panning, horseback riding, dogsledding and van trips into the summit are popular here as well as helicoptor rides here too.

of course each port has very easy trails to walk, the salmon will be on the run so eagles will be everywhere as well as bears if you are lucky enough too see one and shopping, shopping, shopping..

there are hundreds of posts here that will have lots of info on all of your ports and how to have the best time for the money while you are visiting them. have a wonderful time and go surfing the net for each port. you will be able to link onto many sites to let you know much more. and i know other members here will be helping you as well. i hope this helps. have fun


Those Ideas were great antron! We are going to Alaska in Sept. on the Oosterdam and I have written down all those great ideas! I do have a question.... Is it better to book excursions with ship or on the websites like you said? Is there an advantage?


I have done a lot of work lining up excursions for myself, DH and a small group of friends. We are using Orca Enterprises (Captain Larry) for whale watching in Juneau.

In Ketchikan, we are doing a seaplane Misty Fjords tour with Island Wings in the afternoon and a combination Saxman Village and Totem Bite Park with Sourdough Tours.

In Skagway, we are renting a car and driving up to White Pass and then into the Yukon. From what I've read, this is a VERY easy drive - no way to get lost - and you see much of the same as if you are on the train. We plan to use the rest of the day (we are docked until 8 PM, I think) for walking around the city.

I checked these tours against Princess' and they are pretty much the same, but of course cheaper (especially in Skagway). The tour companies I have chosen have gotten good reviews from posters on this board and on another board.