What to do in Aruba?


Karen Lynn

We are here for the whole day and not sure what to do?? A beach day (and let hubby golf!) snorkel. off road in a 4x4 ?? Any opinions??


Boy, that is a tuff one. All of those options are available to you on Aruba. If he really wants to play golf, this would be the place. Why not rent the jeep 4x4, drive him to the Tierra del Sol golf course, continue down the road to the California Lighthouse, the Natural brige, Baby Beach for some snorkeling and back to Palm or Eagle beach for some sun bathing. Don't miss some beach time on this beautiful friendly island. Usually you can park at Mancibo beach which isn't too far from the Lighthouse also. If you also want a beach bar and rental of a lounge chair, then going in front of one of the Hi-rise hotels (Palm beach) would be the place for you. Sometimes if they don't have a convention or group, the Holiday Inn will let you rent a lounge.
Bon Voyage

Karen Lynn

Thank you for your help...you sound as though you have done this!!
Renting thr 4x4 sounds like a great idea and dropping my hubby at golf, but...how easy is it to get lost?? I have a 'tendancy' sometimes! It really sounds like a good way to see the island though and I would love a little beach time on one of the islands. I really do thank you...

Tina C

Doing the tour around in Aruba in a 4 X 4 is fabulous. But beware, the roads go through a dessert-like landscape and are mostly dirt and rock. It takes a while to get around the island, too. We had great fun doing this but I don't think I would do it alone.


Jst back from Aruba and the above is good advice and bang on for a great day. It's still windy there too. lol