What to do in Aruba?



What are your favorite things to do in Aruba?

Are there any sites/excursions that you feel are "not to be missed"?

Please let me know!




In Aruba I recomend that you rent a Jeep and have fun on it, it';s a small island, and the maps are easy to follow...You can go to the sand dunes and drive trough them and then visit the lighthouse....then hit the beach.... If you do this by taxi, it will be more expensive than renting the jeep, wich is like 40 dollars and you can all go on the same car....!!!!

During the afternoon you can take the bar hopping tour,

Kukoo Kunuku
This fantastic parranda dinner and barhopping excursion was voted one of the best tours in the Caribbean by "E" - Entertainment television. It's an ideal way to get a glimpse of the real Aruba.


We rented a jeep in Aruba and it was so much fun. It wasn't hard to find the attractions and if we weren't sure where we were going we would just ask somebody and they were always friendly. We went to the lighthouse, the natural bridge and some more sites, we ended up at Baby beach to relax and snorkel, the water was wonderful. Any questions, just let me know. We went on the Destiny 2 years ago and it was great. Are you going to Barbados? We loved it there too.


To begin with -- there are excellent Aruba travel booklets which include maps that you can easily find in the port.

Definitely a jeep is the way to go. All of the above places -- Lighthouse, Natural Bridge, the sand dunes, Baby Beach -- but be sure to include a trip to Emeral Pool on your tour around the eastern part of the island.