What to do in Costa Maya?



Hi. First time cruiser here. I am taking my wife and two daughters (ages 15 & 19) on our first cruise. We are going on the Carnival Inspiration in July 2003 to the Western Caribbean. Really excited and looking forward to it. Has anyone been to Costa Maya, Mexico? Any suggestions on tours they liked or what there is to do in Costa Maya?


We were there with Celebrity's Horizon and took a tour of the Mayan ruin, Kohunlich. In Feb. of this year there was road construction, so it was a long trip (2 hours). The ruins were fascinating, but I bet it's awfully hot there in July .





I have been to Costa Maya twice. It is a small port but everything is new. It has a nice dock so you don't have to be concerned about tendering, there is a nice shopping area, a nice pool right in the shopping area, a beach nearby, and an outdoor area where a couple of folkloric dances/shows are held each day. The pool, shows. etc are free. A small village is within sight of the dock, but I haven't been there. All the shops, etc. are right at the end of the pier.

Re/ the tours, Carnival has a list of those on their website. As I don't know your likes, dislikes, etc. I may not be able to help you there. The best I remember, water sports are not that great there yet . Tours to Mayan ruins are popular although they are usually long tours. When we were there last fall, we went on an all day tour of some Mayan ruins and enjoyed it. We were there a couple of months ago and spent the day browsing the shops, watched a couple of shows and spent some time on the beach, enjoying that too.
I personally like the port. It's new, developing and likely be very popular one day.
I think you will enjoy the stop there and also think you will enjoy the Inspiration. We sailed it twice, once when it came out in '96 and again a year or so later.
Relax and enjoy.


Agree with Frito, went in October and loved it. My wife and I went on the 4 hour tour of the ruins, and enjoyed it. Its about an hour bus ride to the ruins, but it is fascinating. We then had time to come back and enjoy the pool/ beach area. There is also a shopping area right by the pool. My wife bought some nice gifts there, merchants were not pushy at all but you can bargain with them. I think you will enjoy Costa Maya!:AL:USA


We stopped in Cost Maya last Dec. and had a wonderful time! As everyone has already posted, there is a beach area, pool, shopping, and folkloric shows. Instead of going to the ruins we paid $5.00 round trip for a taxi to take us to a small fishing village approx 1 mi. away named Majahal. If you want to see mexican life as it really is, this is the place to go. For every three cars to go down main street, there was one burro. There are local vendors there, with their local wares. I'm a big barterer, so this was right up my alley. Made some great deals, and have some beautiful Mexican handicrafts displayed in my livingroom. My husband had perhaps the best lunch of his life at a small local restaurant there. I was too chicken to try it, the restaurant had no glass windows (only an open space for windows), and the eating area had a dirt floor! I stuck to Corona! We then returned to the main port complex and did a little last minute souvenier shopping.