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What to do in Cozumel....

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by robcool, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. robcool

    robcool Guest

    I will not be able to get the Jungle Jeep or Dune Buggy tours in Cozumel because our ship gets in too late, so I am looking for some help with ideas of what else to do. The Fascination gets in around 11:00am.

    From what I have seen, there are basically three choices, either booked through the ship or independently.

    1) Find a beach and lounge all day
    2) Find a guide and tour the island/reefs
    3) Book a part boat, go to a beach, drink a lot

    Did I miss anything? Suggestions? Any input from those that have already been/are currently on the island?

    Thanks ahead!
  2. OpusX

    OpusX Guest

    Only thing missing is shopping.
  3. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    How old are you and how many of you are there?

    What do you like to do? Swim? Snorkel? Drink? Eat? Hike? Shop? Give me something to go on!
  4. cruisequeen

    cruisequeen Guest

    Shopping is great. The Park in Beautiful. There are fun bars and the beach is OK from what I've heard.
  5. wdblake

    wdblake Guest

    Two words....

    Chankanaab Park

    White sandy beaches, snokeling, scuba, snuba, sea trek, swim with the dolphins. Igunanas roaming around.
    Bar service brought right to your chair.
    Very Very clean & friendly.
  6. Can you book snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins or sea lions when you get there or do you have to do this ahead of time?
  7. wdblake

    wdblake Guest

    You can book when you get there on a first come first served basis. You shouldn't need to book snorkeling since it is an equipment rental only.
    For Dolphin & Sea lion swims it pays to book ahead of time.
    The web page is...

    We did the dolphin swim and it was fantastic. Lots of interaction. We got to ride them holding their fins, got pushed out of the water by our feet, held a bar for them to jump over, and free swam for awhile. An unforgetable experience. My wife couldn't stop smiling.
  8. swissmiss

    swissmiss Guest

    We have been there twice, and if you do nothing else, go to Carlos and Charlies for lunch. It is the wildest, and most entertaining restrauant we have ever been to.
  9. kujobie

    kujobie Guest

    Skip the shore excursions. Rent a car. This is a must. It is the only way to experience Cozumel. Go to Chankanaab and snorkel/lay out for a while. Continue in the same direction and stop at one of the many free beach clubs, Mr Sancho's is a good choice. excellent food/drink/more beach/swimming pool/showers/restrooms, etc. Continue around the island. The views are breathtaking. There is only one road in cozumel, you won't get lost. You will end up downtown where there is great shopping if you have any energy, money or time left. Chankanaab is $10 per person. You can get a VW Beetle for $40 a day. Interesting note: They continued producing and selling the Beetle in Mexico until a couple of years ago. I'm talking about the original beetle, with the rear engine and all. They look exactly the same as the beetle your whacky aunt Sally used to sell dope out of. It's like you're in a time warp. Groovy, man!

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