What to do in Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Cozumel



We're going on our first cruise for our Honeymoon. We're both still in school and don't have a lot of money, but we want to take in the sites. We definitely want to snorkel, plus discover some non-touristy places to go. Suggestions on what to do/ how to get there?

Grand Princess July 13, 2003



My 2 cents:

In Grand Cayman, I would go to Stingray City. It is a sandbar that is as shallow as knee or waist deep and is pretty big. This is an AWESOME sight to see the rays and feed them if you like. This is perfect because you can get as involved as you want or just sit back and marvel at their size and numbers. The water is absolutely gorgeous in GC, so I would definitely do your snorkeling here.


We are going to try Chakanaab Park, since we have heard it is very nice. We ALWAYS stop for lunch and margaritas at "Pancho's Backyard" which can be found in the back of the store, "Los Cinco Soles" which is the furthest shop from the pier.

I have never been to Costa Maya, so you are on your own :)

Have fun!