What to do in Motego Bay?



I'm taking a family trip to Montego Bay. We are going wtih another family. It was my suggestion. I read some comments about Montego Bay and viewed some websites. Can anyone give me more information on what to do and where to go besides laying in the sun and/or dancing? I wouldn't mind being on the beach everyday, but there are others my age, older such as parents, and children. I want everyone to enjoy their trip. Any suggestions?



there's lots of the normal sights and excursions that you'll read about elsewhere, so i'll just throw out one item that you don't read about - mainly because it doesn't appeal to most people...lol. About 4 miles above Montego Bay is a small private residence called the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary. Not really a sanctuary but a place where a lady has fed birds for many decades and attracts many birds there. She's passed away but her helper inherited the place and it continues on. Entry is $9 each I think. The main attraction is feeding hummingbirds by hand with a little bottle - sometimes they sit on your finger while you feed them. Biggest expense is the taxi fare up there. It's off the beaten path so you pretty much need to have the taxi wait there for you til you are done. If there happen to be any bird fanciers in you families this may be of interest to them. Don't know what your interests are so just thought I'd pass this more obscure idea along. :)


One thing not to do is to go into the shopping district. The locals will hound you to death to either buy some of their junk, or to simply give them some money because they are "hongry". If I ever return, I will probably take a tour of some description that does NOT include being dropped off in town to do some shopping.


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I can only speak from my own experience. If we ever go there again, we will definately stay on the ship. Make sure you stay all together in your group and don't venture out on your own. We were a group of six and left our guide for a quick walk from Margaritaville to the beach. Young guys were coming at us from all directions trying to sell us marijuana. It was like they came out of nowhere. We were frightened to say the least. Anyway, have fun, just be safe. At the downtown market they beg and ask to braid your hair or try to talk you into buying something from them. We just didn't feel comfortable there.


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Everyone has different interests. We as adults enjoyed taking the Appleton Rum factory tour off the ship. An hour or so ride across farm land,thru small villages seeing how they lived and came to the rum factory and started our tour with rum punches to get us started seeing the process
to the end where the barrels are stored for ageing then it's back to the resturant for a bufffet lunch and a table full of bottles of rum for tasting any you want. then it was the ride back. Children probably wouldn't enjoy it but we did.


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If we happen to book a cruise that includes Montego Bay, we don't leave the ship. We have had bad experiences on previous visits there and now do not leave the ship in either Montego Bay or Ochos Rios. I hope your experience is better than ours have been.