What to do in Nassau.




What a great website. This is my first post.

We are on the Coral Princess, April 11, for our first cruise. I have tentative plans for each stop except Nassau. Can anyone make a suggestion for something to do at this port? An excursion is fine, but it does not have to be an excursion.

The more suggestions the merrier as I am enjoying doing the research and making plans.

Thank you very kindly to all who respond,



I guess your answer is so general...didn't get the attention it required. Have you tried the search feature on this site.........and go to the Community board and do the same thing.................it is below your post in small white type..........put in Nassau to begin...subject and message...you'll get some places for info...........then do a search using interests from within that...like Waverunners...Dolphins....Atlantis...........

Have fun researching!


My suggestion would be head off on a shore excursion going snorkeling. The port is somewhat commercial.

mollye& steve

Nassau is lot's of fun. Take the Booze cruise, what a trip! It lasts 5 - 6 hrs., serves lunch and you can usually find people on the dock in Nassau giving out discount coupons. Trip is normally $60.00 ea. but you can do it easily for $35.00 ea. (includes lunch and all drinks, snorkeling trip --bring your own snorkling mask if you want it to keep the water out, theirs are well used-- a visit to a private beach and the boat goes past Atlantis, which is really a beautiful sight in itself, even if you don't stay there. On the trip back to Nassau (Cable Beach) all the chairs are removed from up top and they turn it into a dance floor where you drink and dance your way back to shore. We spent our honeymoon -in 2000-on Cable Beach in Nassau and the booze cruise was a total blast. Bring twice the cash you think you'll need, half the clothes and tons of sunblock! Have a great trip!


Do the Blue Lagoon tour if the ship offers it, very nice relaxing place, like paradise. Or tour the hotel Atlantis on your own, another awsome place.


Mollye and steve;

Do you remember which "booze cruise" you did in Nassau? We are really thinking about doing one, but just wondered if they take you to a cool beach to tan for awhile.
Can I book this through Royal?
Thanks for your help.:cheers


I agree with Camelia. Blue Lagoon is Paradise!!

We swam with the stingrays there in the morning and spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach, laying in the hammocks, and later went back to the stingrays for another swim with them.